Wednesday, November 14, 2012

City council passes business licenses and addresses tether law concerns

The City of Watkinsville council members, including outgoing member Samantha Purcell in her next to last meeting, passed the business licenses for Joshua Johnson for Harjo Woodworking and for Tire Depot Services of Reynaldo Juarez, opening his second location outside of Milledgeville down by the Shell Station on Highway 15. Everything passed unanimously as usual with a new face on council, but one familiar to those in the audience. of longtime attendee Connie Massey making the transition to the tilt back chairs of the council members up there on the other side of the lectern.

The City Council also graciously allowed Mr. Johnson to get added on the agenda at the last moment, and accepted the reconciliation report. City Council member Mike Link showed up late to the meeting at this point.

City resident Antonio Rooks asked about how his considerable number of dogs and their tethering could result in his fines. He quoted the costs that Code Enforcement Officer Robert Hegge read to him for violations of the new law.  Rooks has had to deal with the city before because of riding a horse within the city limits.

None of the city council members seemed particularly anxious to read the new ordinance or take on Mr. Rooks in a debate over ethical treatment of animal owners rights. Mr. Rooks breeds and sells amazingly large blue pit bulls that are both friendly and very obedient guard dogs. Some of his terriers are priced at $10,000.00. He also indicated that the crime in his Thrasher Drive neighborhood was a concern, and that unknown people had been seen parking at odd hours at near his residence.

Mayor Ivie, himself a dog owner, advised Mr. Rooks that he should call back to the City Hall and speak with Code Enforcement Officer Hegge for a short term solution at the very least. Mr. Rooks is to be commended for proactively seeking a solution to his dogs and the city's new tethering law in a cooperative manner.

Rooks thought about bringing his dog Paco who is the size of small horse but has a very sweet disposition to the meeting, but thought better of that at the last second, leaving the massive canine in a cage at home. His dogs as all dogs do have the

Antonio Rooks talks to the City Council about his dogs and the tether law
I asked the city to consider purchasing a voting machine and or cooperate with the county in running their elections in the future. Currently advance voting goes on at Court Street for the county elections and at the Community Center for municipal elections. The ballots in the city of Watkinsville elections are still counted by hand. Mayor Ivie said he would take that under advisement.

Judge David Anglin offers his congratulations to Connie Massey
New Post 2 Council member Connie Massey was sworn in by Probate Judge David Anglin. She edged first time political officer seeker Nicole Brooks 224-158 in a special election to replace Henry Norman, who had moved out of town. Realtor C

Brad Williams failed to show for Custom Pits and Fabrication business license application.

Mayor Ivie was particularly effusive in his praise and pride over the local police being honored with a lifetime membership status for Chief O'Dillon in the Peace Officer's association for his 30 years of service, and also the Piedmont Area Traffice Enforcement Network naming his the Agency of the Year, an honor at least partially earned for hosting the training that resulted in 16 agencies assisting in a license check in the city resulting in four DUI misdemeanors and three drug arrests. The Piedmont Area consist of the seven nearby counties.

Mark Campbell addressed the council on storm water training, and the city considered a new lease with Oconee Little League thats benefits the refurbishing of Giardini Field on the Harris Shoals baseball diamond being rebuilt as it is sorely in need of at the moment.
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