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2010 "Dancing with Athens Stars" nominations open!

From: Pat Priest <> Date: April 17, 2009 3:07:13 PM EDT To: 2010 "Dancing with Athens Stars" nominations open!

We're already planning next year's "Dancing with Athens Stars"!

Could you please help us get the word out about the "People's Choice"
nominations?  I've attached the press release in rtf format, but here it
is below, too, since it's scary to open attached files these days!

As you probably know, we've had strong contenders from Oconee in the
line-up in the past, and it would be wonderful to receive lots of nominations so that we might have more still.  Commissioner Chuck Horton danced in the inaugural show, and Sgt. Courtney Gale danced this year and came in a strong second in the Audience Favorite voting!

Thank you for your assistance!

Pat Priest
Co-producer, "Dancing with Athens Stars"


Press Release

April 17, 2009

Project Safe
P.O. Box 7532
Athens, GA 30604

Contacts: …

Big News at Athens Regional golf tourney at Jennings Mill (at least half in Oconee County)

How often do I get a chance to post a link to video of an ace?

Woven brightly, Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.
Subject: Big News at ARFC
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 16:28:29 -0400

Big News at ARFC In case you guys haven't heard– pretty amazing day at the Athens Regional Foundation Classic–an unheard oftwo holes-in-one in two days on JMCC no. 17 forUGA alumand PGA Tour proBrendon Todd.  Brendon is in the hunt again this year.  Videooftoday's ace isin the second link below.Brian Brodrick
P 404.724.2513 (direct)

Gubernatorial Ice Cream Social, 4/19/2009, 3:00 pm

OK, so we might not have as many people there as there were teabaggers on a flatbed Thursday. We might have some rain. We might have some problems finding the tennis pavilion to the rear left of the new park. But persevere and promise to try to remember to come out Sunday to see General David Poythress and Representative DuBose Porter on the long haul toward the Governor's mansion. Face it, Oconee is as red a county in Georgia, so best we start getting our candidate appearances on now since they will be getting less and less frequent as we head toward 2010. So come have some fun, rain or shine, in the back of the Oconee Veterans Park at 3500 Hog Mountain Road on State Route 53 between the high schools. Together we can reclaim Georgia. State chair Jane Kidd is expected to attend and we have invited Roy Barnes and Thurbert Baker, so we shall see.

From: <>
Subject: [oconeedemocrats] Gubernatorial Ice Cream Social, 4/1…

State Represenative DuBose Porter confirms for Sunday's Ice Cream Social at Oconee Veterans Park

The Gubernatorial guest list grew by one for the Oconee County, Georgia Democratic Committee's inaugural Gubernatorial Ice Cream Social at Oconee Veterans Park Tennis Pavilion in the rear left of the park at 3500 Hog Mountain Road (State Route 53).

State Representative DuBose Porter (above) of Fitzgerald confirmed his appearance at the event Sunday from 3 to 5 pm in the event across the street from Herman C. Michael Park in what has been referred to as the Eastville area of Oconee County kind of between the public High Schools (North Oconee and Oconee County). Porter joins David Poythress (below) at the event.

The Irish music playing band Repent at Leisure featuing Joe Willey and Dan Everett will be performing at the event, and there will be ice cream served. All are welcome regardless of affiliation, geographic residency or any other factors.

Clarke County Democratic Committee and Athens Area Democrats breakfast - May 2nd

Begin forwarded message:
CCDC FW: Athens Area Democrats breakfast - May 2nd
Dear CCDC members and friends,

Please see the email below about the Athens Area Democrats next breakfast event on Saturday, May 2.

Karen Solheim
CCDC Vice Chair for Communications
Subject: Athens Area Democrats breakfast - May 2nd
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 18:07:23 -0400

ATHENS AREA DEMOCRATS BREAKFAST SATURDAY, MAY 2NDAT 9:00AM TRUMPS 2026 S. MILLEDGE AVENUE * ATHENS, GA TOPIC:THE ELECTIONS OF 2008 AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS SPEAKER:DR. CHARLES S. BULLOCK Reservations must be made by: April 27th  Please make reservations with Denise Ricks or706-247-3558.

Water and Sewer Rates in Oconee to Increase

Begin forwarded message:
From: Lee Becker <> Date: April 16, 2009 10:48:54 PM EDT To: Subject: Water and Sewer Rates in Oconee to Increase Reply-To:

Oconee County residential water users will be asked for the second time in a little more than a year to pay more for water, if the Board of Commissioners approves a budget request made Wednesday night by the Utility Department.

The increase of 31.8 percent in the base water rate is needed to compensate for a decrease in water sales and consequent decrease in revenues for the Utility Department, the BOC was told.

Sewer rates also would increase, if the Board accepts the proposal, by 24.0 percent.

For details, go to


Lee Becker



Cause and effect: Oconee public schools contemplate drug testing while Athens Academy students get popped for pot

We could probably bust almost every high school kid in home school, public school or private school for some kind of infraction against society, be it smoking pot, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, performing oral sex, masturbation, shoplifting, jaywalking, cursing on Sundays, spitting, speeding or cheating on tests. That much being written, I am certainly not condoning illegal activity or behavior but am fully cognizant that such behavior exists and I abhor attempting to legislate morality.

I do not take joy in the latest problems of the Broun family, nor do I pass judgment on them. I can only hope for their healing. But let no one mistake what is going on in our schools as a reason to reveal every secret and every sex position our kids are going to be performing any way regardless of what we do.

So the Oconee School Board once again wants to test all the athletes and kids who drives to school for drugs? OK, once again they will find a few kids who take a few puffs who probably…

Best wishes for Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle's recovery

I have always thought fondly of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle since he rescued the state of Georgia with the specter of Ralph Reed as second in command. I thought he was the odds-on favorite for Governor post-Sonny Perdue. Now the race is truly wide open. Roy Barnes has yet to announce, and technically I do not think General Poythress has announced either (but I could be wrong on that). It will be interesting to see how this shift shakes the Georgia Gubernatorial race 2010 and this weekend when Poythress and perhaps Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Representative DuBose Porter make an appearance in Oconee County at the Veterans Memorial Park's Tennis Pavilion to the back left in the massive new complex at 3500 Hog Mountain Road from 3-5 pm.

Somebody should have extended an invitation to Roy Barnes to come to Oconee County as well.

UGA YD Fundraiser April 21

The Young Democrats of UGA could use your support:

Subject: UGA YD Fundraiser April 21
Dear CCDC members and friends,

Join the UGA/ACC Young Democrats for a fundraiser featuring speaker Jane Kidd, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia!

WHEN: Tuesday, April 21 from 6:30-8:00 PM
WHERE: The UGA Presbyterian Center, 1250 S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA, 30605

Your generous donation will go toward the Young Democrats operating budget for the next year.

RSVP to Louis Elrod atlelrod@uga.eduor 706.839.8013.

Karen Solheim
CCDC Vice Chair for Communications

My mother Norma S. Matthews with the two Presidential candidates she worked for and co-chaired their campaigns

Growing up in Iowa certainly had its advantages, especially if your mother was a paid political consultant. In the 1972, my mom helped move the Caucuses to the front of the line, and then she helped co-chair a Senator from neighboring South Dakota to brave the Iowa January winter to finish third to Muskie and Uncommitted en route to George McGovern winning the nomination of the Democratic Party in Miami later on that year. Four years later it was "Go Mo" with Morris Udall, Representative from Arizona and one time professional baseball player and Olympic swimmer. He would have not only been our first Mormon President but also our first President with a glass eye. I found this photo at home last week and then stumbled on to the website of the photographer Keith Wessel from whence it came.

please attend April 30 ADL Leo Frank World Premiere

Yet another important event worth witnessing to remember another horrific death from the last century

Woven brightly, Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

To: ;
Subject: please attend April 30 ADL Leo Frank World Premiere
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 07:08:26 -0400

The People v Leo Frank Premiers April 30 Dear Moore's Ford friends,    Please attend this historic movie screening, The People v Leo Frank, on April 30 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. As we - the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee - have been named a partnering organiztion to help promote the premier, please email and tell your friends to attend this event. Also contact list servs, media persons, "all communication vehicles" with whom you are in contact.    If you plan to go (contact for tickets) , please RSVP us if you wish to carpool from the Clarke/Oconee/Walton county area. One thousand persons are expected.     Rich Rusk, secretary    Mooe's Ford Memorial …

Ashford Manor concerts on the lawn 2009

2009 Concert Series
Gates open at 5:30pm Concert 6-9pm
May 25th Memorial Day— Packway Handle Band, good ‘ol Bluegrass
June 8th –Sons of Sailors, the sounds of Jimmy Buffet
June 22nd –The Highballs, 70s & 80s Retro Pop
4th of July (Saturday) –Greg Hesters’ Van Morrison Tribute
July 13th –Lazy B and the Recliners, Rhythm & Blues Soul Revue
July 27th – Grogus, Latin Salsa and jazz
August 10th – Randall Bramblett, Southern Americana
August 24th– Mama’s Love, funk, rock, organic jam
September 7th Labor Day—Dirk Howell, ‘60s style rhythm & blues/beach music

Ticket Pricing
$15 for adults, $5 for children under 12, children under 6 are free.
A booklet of 9 tickets* for the concert series: $121.50 (includes a 10% discount)
Single night table rental (limited # available)
Table for 2 $125 per night (includes tickets*, table, chairs, linens for 2 guests)
Table for 4 $160 per night (includes tickets*, table, chairs, linens for 4 guests)
4 is the largest table offered for single night purchasing.

Obama approves Cuba travel - FINALLY!

I am not a Cuban American nor am I a fan of Fidel Castro, his brother or their Communist policies. However I have traveled to the island of Cuba legally but spent U.S. money illegally when I obtained a passport in downtown Havana quicker, cheaper and easier than you could in Athens or Atlanta. Yes, the United States Special Interests Section is in the Swiss Embassy looks like any Social Security office in Chicago or Miami. But the Treasury Department did not like me spending our precious currency (which was accepted and preferred everywhere) and I was given a notice of violating the Trading with the Enemies Act upon return to Northeast Georgia. They wanted $3,000.00 as a penalty but we made an offer of restitution of $1,000.00 each to satisfy our angry Treasury Department. I made a Freedom of Information Act request years later to see if there was a portfolio of my activities in downtown Havana, but alas, they would not let me see or know if indeed I was on any lists.

Essentially I t…

Obama approves Cuba travel - FINALLY!

I am not a Cuban American nor am I a fan of Fidel Castro, his brother or their
Communist policies

Protest in the Park Planned

I personally think these anti-tax rallies are opportunistic and disingenuous but I give them props for trying and Lee Becker for writing about it.

From: Lee Becker <> Date: April 12, 2009 10:16:29 PM EDT To: Subject: Protest in the Park Planned Reply-To:
Dear Friends,

Less than a month after Oconee County citizens approved a 1 cent on the dollar sales tax without even a hint of opposition, tax opponents are being asked to show up at an anti-tax rally on April 15 at Oconee Veterans Park.

The Tax Protest is being organized by Bill Mayberry, who ran unsuccessfully for coroner in the July Republican primary. The protest is to start at 11 a.m.

Whether the protestors will praise the county for passing the SPLOST to build the park where the protest is being held or condemn the county for doing that remains to be seen.

Here's something to consider about the March 17 vote. The number of registered voters has more than doubl…

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

I always support theater, especially at my son's school.

Subject: "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

To quote Lorraine, "It is a spectacle!"Details:Show dates are April 16-18 at 7:30 in the Athens Academy Presentation Hall.  The play runs about 1.5 hours with at 15 minute intermission.  This is a great play to introduce younger people to the Bard.  Admission is free.  Donations for Project Pallam and/or Athens Area Food Bank will be accepted at the door.  Hope you can come! Cheers,Tony********************************************
Anthony E. Glenn, Ph.D.
Russell Research CenterToxicology & Mycotoxin Research Unit950 College Station Road
Athens, GA  30605
Ph:  706-546-3119
Fax:  706-546-3116
Email #1:
Email #2:
Web:"It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of acountry best, since you have to sweat up the hills andcoast down them. Thus you remember them a…

Pat Priest checking in with information about a lot of items

Thanks, Rita, for writing up the minutes.

Dr. Larry Nackerud, the professor who will be speaking about Obama's
Cabinet, will be our speaker on Sunday, May 17th -- at 4 o'clock at the
Oconee Library, which has been booked for the event. I'll get out some
publicity soon about that.

I was glad to see our group's outreach to Rich Rusk and his
justice-based work with others. The Oconee book group will be reading a
wonderful and sobering book about the Moore's Ford lynching (called Fire
in the Canebrake) on August 26th.

(Our updated book list is posted on the web-site. Thanks, Steve!)

Unapproved Minutes from the April 2, 2009 Oconee County, Georgia Democratic Committee Meeting

I missed this meeting as I was in Iowa getting family matters tended to, but I am happy to see all the progress in my absence with this local political committee. Come help us out please.

Oconee County Democratic Committee Meeting
April 5, 2009
Oconee County Government Annex, Watkinsville, Georgia

Committee members present: Jonathan Veit (5-3) Chair; Ann Stoneburner (1-3) Vice Chair; Rita Bennett (3-2) Secretary; Sarajane Love (2-3); Herb West (5-1); Myrna Adams West (5-2); Becky Vaughn(5-3); Robert Wyatt(6-1); Pat Adams (6-3).

Others: Erika Ferrari, Liz Goodroe, Gene Lyons

Jonathan called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM

Minutes: The minutes from the December 4 meeting were approved unanimously after a motion by Becky Vaughn and second by Pat Adams.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Violet Dawe was absent so there was no report at this time.


Report of Advocacy Workshop: Five people attended the two hour session. The participants found it very useful in approaching and writi…

Slate of precinct captain in Michigan in 1966

So long ago (1966) and far away in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, my mother started running for Precinct Delegate along with the distinctive green bow tied candidacy of this gentlemen running for U.S. Senator after a long stint as Governor and Zolton Ferency running to replace him. Lucien Nedzi was the candidate for 14th District congressman.