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Land use planning

Dear Concerned Oconee County Citizen,

As you, I am sure, are aware, Oconee County is currently in the process of revising its Land Use Plan. I need not remind you of the importance of this plan to the quality of our lives and the livability of our community. It is this plan by which we will grow and develop.

Though the county has appointed a number of citizens to help put this plan together, the presence of this committee does not prevent all interested citizens from being involved. All citizens are invited and encouraged to come to committee meetings and will be provided opportunities for input. Though the county posts the dates of the committee meetings on its web page and in the Enterprise, we often tend to over look these notices. For this reason I am sending all my friends and acquaintances the dates for upcoming Comprehensive Land Use Plan Development Committee meetings. Please come voice your concerns and opinions. Hope to see you there.

Mary Mellein

May 15 – Citizens Iss…

Daniells Bridge Road raceway revs up

Anyone (except 3 BOC members and most of the Planning Commission) with a little bit of foresight and knowledge would quickly realize the curvy Daniells Bridge Road cut-through will see a hundred fold traffic increase with each new massive development thoughtlessly shoved down our throat. At least it looks like a traffic light is going into where it meets Experiment Station Road - most Gainesville State College kid drivers know this traffic route now. I wrote the preceeding paragraph but I got the rest of this from Lee Becker via Charlie Baugh.

Citizens for Oconee's Future, Inc.
P. O. Box 1301
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Following is a message from Lee Becker with information about a rezone on Daniells Bridge Road. More of the same, rezones creating more traffic on narrow unsafe roads. Just another step in our march toward "Developed Land". Those directly impacted by this may want to let our elected decision makers know of your concerns.
Charles Baugh

Dear Neighbors:

As you might…

Oconee's first big hotel is already open

Thanks to Charlie Baugh for this about Sheriff Scott Berry grandiose grey bar motel:

Citizens for Oconee's Future, Inc.
P. O. Box 1301
Watkinsville, GA 30677

Following is the agenda for the 4/17/07 Board of Commissioners meeting. Reckon the Sheriff's contract to house out of county prisoners will cover the cost of housing a prisoner in our new jail? Those who attended the BOC meetings where the jail was discussed will remember that we needed the jail because the old jail was inadequate to house our prisoners. Now we are out drumming up business to put prisoners in the beds and feed them well. Some will also remember the Sheriff stating the state does not pay enough to cover the cost of housing a prisoner. Let's hope the Sheriff sets a high rate for his new hotel.
Charles Baugh




Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Commission Meeting Chambers

Oconee County Courthouse

7:00 p.m.

1. Intr…

Barack Obama in Atlanta vs. GOTV in Athens vs. Soccer game in Oconee

Hmmm, which one will I do? 70% chance of rain....

Dear Fellow Dems,

Please come to our Voter Registration meeting on Saturday, April 14th!

10 am
337 Milledge Ave, Butler Building

Park in the back. Come in the back door. Follow the signs.

We need every one of you!

For more information, contact Barbara A. Sims
10th Congressional District Chair at

In today's Athens Banner Herald paper:

Dems plan training for registration drive and breakfast

The Clarke County Democratic Committee will train volunteers Saturday to register voters for the upcoming 10th Congressional District special election June 19.

The organizational meeting will be held at The Butler Building, 337 S. Milledge Ave., beginning at 10 a.m., and is open to all Democrats who live in the district.

Democrats also have scheduled a breakfast with Athens lawmakers at 8 a.m. April 28 at the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. State Reps. Doug McKillip and Keith Heard are expected to review this year&#…

Truck stop just will not go away

Ever have a mosquito buzzing around your ear? You keep trying to swat it.......and trying...........and trying..........but it just keeps buzzing around waiting for its chance to suck your blood. Leaving you with an ugly bump that itches and irritates long after the mosquito is gone.

Well our mosquito is back once more.

Take a look at the front page of this week's Oconee Enterprise. Mr. Francis Williams has filed suit against the BOC for its denial of his rezone request for the corner of US441 and Branch Road.

I only have time for a quick email since I am heading out the door for a weekend meeting in North Carolina. I'll be back in touch early next week.

While a unanimous denial of this rezone by the BOC would on its surface appear to mean that they are willing to stand by this decision, even if sued, this may not be the case. This BOC has a history of arranging out-of-court settlements.

Such settlements are another cause we must stand up and fight against. We, the citizens, …

Oconee County golf tourney commences Tuesday

Long Drive Shootout & Junior clinic Part of Tournament Week Activities

Nationwide Tour Players and Host Pro swing for Bragging Rights

ATHENS, Ga., April 9, 2007 – Tiger Woods may be the number one ranked player in the world with millions per year in earnings, but he would be only tied for 96th on the Nationwide Tour in terms of driving distance. Local sports fans will have the opportunity to see some of this power displayed firsthand as some of the Nationwide Tour’s biggest hitters tee it up in a long drive competition prior to the upcoming Athens Regional Foundation Classic (ARFC). In addition, local youth will have the opportunity to learn how to hit the long ball from several of the pros following the competition in the annual ARFC junior clinic.

Taking place on Tuesday, April 17th beginning at 4:00 p.m. at Jennings Mill Country Club (JMCC), five Nationwide Tour Players and JMCC host professional Larry James will battle it out for bragging rights. Southern Broadcasting’s 960 T…

Voter registration drive in the 10th Congressional District

HELP! We have fallen, and we are about to get up!

Dear Democrats in the 10th Congressional District of Georgia,

Now is our chance! We?ve been asking for it. We have a wonderful
opportunity to put a good Democrat in Congress representing our interests!

What an exciting day that will be!

The Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) and the Voter Registration (VR)
Committee have targeted Athens-Clarke County as the key to the 10th.

We feel if we get our old faithful and new faithful to simply vote on June
19th, 2007 we can take this seat from the Republicans.
Wow! That does not give us much time!

The last day to register to vote is May 21, 2007.

*********The DPG VR Committee is holding a get-started meeting in Athens on
this Saturday, April 14th at 10am. 337 S Milledge Ave (Butler Bldg).

We want YOU there! We want every good Democrat to get involved!

If you are a good Democrat, a member of your County Democratic Party, the
State Committee or Executive Committee of the DPG, League of Womens
Voters, A…