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More Stormwater dealings from Athens Area Homebuilders

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Subject: Planning Commission public hearing on Stormwater Ordinance

The public hearing for the Stormwater Ordinance was held by the Planning Commission near the end of last night's regular meeting. Thanks to those who stuck it out and stayed for the hearing in order to speak out on the proposal. As it turned out, there had been changes made to the ordinance that were not available to the public. The draft on the county web site was not the most current. The Athens Homebuilders Association, through a representative had worked more magic on the ordinance and those changes were not included in the public version. For the public to have known there were recent changes they would have had to go by the public works department and ask for the most recent update. Not the best way to run a public hearing if you expect the public to have informed input.

The Athens Homebuilders Association was not satisfied with th…