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Beginning to rebuild in Georgia

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Dan --

In the past week, record rainfall has devastated our state, causing major flooding and mounting losses to families, businesses, and governments.

While the rain has ceased for now, the loss of homes and loved ones carved a wound that has only begun to heal.

To help us rebuild, President Obama signed a disaster declaration for Georgia and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts. Vice President Biden visited some of the most heavily affected areas on Friday with members of Georgia's congressional delegation to survey the damage and make sure we're getting the help we need.

With so many Georgians displaced by the rain and reeling from loss, this is a time for us all to come together and do what we can.

There are m…

Oconee County can help Gameday Recycling

Even if you do not have a ticket consider going to the game and helping with the clean up DURING the game.

Woven brightly, Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

Join me

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Subject: Fwd: Gameday Recycling Needs Your Help


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Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 2:27 PM
Subject: Gameday Recycling Needs Your Help

Friends of the environmental at UGA:

Please consider coming out tomorrow to volunteer for the Gameday Recycling program - we've gotten so much press lately and we need a strong showing of support. Last weekend we had over 70 volunteers but we need over 100 this time.

Our main volunteer shift starts at 11:30am on the new Georgia Quad by Tate II. You can find all the information you need at our website, We will be educating tailgaters…

Historic and Industrial

A quick drive through our town

HandsOn Georgia Week 2009

Great organization with wonderful people - please consider contributing your time and effort.

Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

Subject: HandsOn Georgia Week 2009
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 16:39:38 +0000

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September 2009

Pepsi Bottling Co. Employees volunteer at the Family Counseling Center for HandsOn Georgia Week

HandsOn Georgia Week
September 26- October 3
Projects include:

Bicycle Recycling with Bike Athens-

Sept 27th, 28th & 30th
Game Day Recycling Sept 26th and Oct 3rd
Mobile Food Pantry Oct 1st
Morton Theatre Ushering
Sept 24-Sept 27 and October 1- 4
Connect to us through the web -- visit us at

Contact us at: or 706-353-1313
1695 Old West Broad Street; Athens, GA 30606

HandsOn Northrast Georgia
1695 Old West Broad Street
Athens, Georgia 30606<a href="

Broun to hold Athens town halls | Breaking News |

Kudos to Congressman Broun for holding a Town Hall in Athens Monday at the VFW Hall (and in Commerce as well). Broun to hold Athens town halls | Breaking News |

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Georgia Antebellum Trail Plans April Pilgrimage Event - Group Travel Tours , Group Cruises

Watkinsville is mentioned prominently in this press release published in Illinois, I believe. Georgia Antebellum Trail Plans April Pilgrimage Event - Group Travel Tours , Group Cruises

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Qualifying scheduled for council vacancy | News |

Wonder if there will be a challenger for Toby? Qualifying scheduled for council vacancy | News |

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What is the future of Oconee County, Georgia?

What awaits us all in the near future for Oconee County? When will we pay our most deserving volunteer Firemen? When will the economy begin to effect more positive growth in our already overbuilt homes and subdivisons?

Why do parents have to complain to the Board of Education to get comparably equal facilities for the high schools? When will we ever see sidewalks and bike paths in our county instead of the stubs of unbuilt developments?

What will it take to get the police department of Watkinsville to work well (or at least better) with the Sheriff Department of Oconee County? When will the sanitary sewer be extended to either Bishop or Bogart? What will the next scandal be at the Board of Education?

When are Oconee County voters going to decide they have had enough?

How many dozens of kids will be pulled out of public schools to go to private schools or be home schooled? When are we going to start putting our public safety interests ahead of our fear of taxes?

What will it take to ma…

PAC to raise money against Rep. Broun | News |

Now if the Georgia Democratic Party can find a credible candidate for the 10th District, otherwise there is a challenger to Broun on the GOP side named Cason Sisk. PAC to raise money against Rep. Broun | News |

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Spot flooding plagues places of note in Oconee, but by in large, we escaped the worst

According to a post on Facebook post seen by some at lunch, Oconee County Republican chair and sometimes newspaper reporter Jay Hanley let the world know the Oconee Enterprise office on Barnett Shoals Road  had some minor flooding but evidently none of the equipment was damaged.  Also last night noted bicycle enthusiast Dr. Anthony Glenn posted that most of Simonton Bridge Road between First and Main was flooded.

That may be the first and last post ever where Jay Hanley and Tony Glenn were mentioned in the same paragraph.

Many awe inspiring shots of the roaring shoals at North High Shoals or the Bridge over the Oconee River at Simonton Bridge were taken in the minds (if not shutters or cell phones) of passing cyclists and motor vehicle drivers Tuesday or before.

While anywhere in the countyy that was semi flat saw some standing water accumulate during the seven day deluge, so far Oconee County seemingly escaped most of the severe damage seen elsewhere in the state. Please feel free to…

Paul Broun draws primary opposition

26 (oops 24 - thanks Jay Hanley) year old UGA (and Stephens County HS) grad engineering student Cason Sisk will seek to unseat Congressman Dr. Paul Broun, Jr. in the 2010 Republican Primary in the 10th district race. This political neophyte cites J. Edgar Hoover as his political role model and does run a solar company called Southern Solar Solutions. He has a 912 area code phone number and grew up in LaGrange.

This ~ at the very least ~ will make Dr. Broun spend more money in the primary rather than against an as of yet unknown Democratic challenger in November. (If there is going to be a Democratic challenger - which as of right now is dubious at best).

Oglethorpe County to Hudgens: Drop dead |

Blake Aued of the Athens Banner-Herald demonstrates the worst kept secret in the Byzantine world of G.O.P. politics: nobody likes Ralph Hudgens (very much). If he is getting his ass kicked in Oglethorpe now, he is going to need a lot more than the Coffee County Hustle Award to win on a statewide basis. Never too late to change your mind once again, Ralphie babe. Oglethorpe County to Hudgens: Drop dead |

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Despite the torrential rains, some things did get accomplished this weekend

The City of Watkinsville had scheduled a clean-up of their lovely Harris Shoals Park, but a deluge kept all but the hardiest out of stream and playground area litter gathering Saturday morning.

Mayor Jim Luken and a few stouthearted council members including Samantha Purcell braved the ultra humid elements to find a tiny turnout. Just after Purcell suggested they reschedule the park clean up, a Scout master and a trio of Boy Scouts appeared and Luken stayed around to battle the rapids and pick up the bricks and trash in the stream.

"We made a lot of progress," said Luken. "Not as much as I would have like to had with double digit numbers, but it was a good start. With all the rain the stream was way up over the shoals making it somewhat difficult to pick out the garbage. We are going to reschedule another clean up at a later date."

The outgoing Mayor has yet to select the date, but made it clear that the cleaning of Watkinsville remains a priority in his remaining …

Oconee law to differentiate feral from pet cats | News |

It was interesting to see how far this story made it across the state on a slow rainy Sunday. From my rather jaded point of view, we do not have a huge feral car problem in Oconee County. There are a pair of cats that evidently belong to a neighbor who also owns five or six big dogs. The cats would rather hang on my small front porch and take chances with my elderly black dog/pitbull in the few moments a day we let her out. My dog is too old to chase cats like she used to, and I think the cats know this and tell each other that by in large the coast is clear at Casa Matthews. Anyhow take care and responsibility of your pets and none of this would be necessary. Oconee law to differentiate feral from pet cats | News |

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