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71 year old David Vaughn rides bike across Georgia

Pickup Backs Over Fuel Line, Causes a Ruckus

Murphy USA gas line rupture from Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office : Nixle

situation at Murphy USA from Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office : Nixle

Little bit about a lot of things - GOP primary edition 2012

Too bad that the First Friday was cancelled last night - lots of people turned out any way and at least a couple of candidates did as well.  The OCAF event was packed as usual. So in this first early edition of awards - most tongue in cheek - go to:

Most illegible signs - hands down, Sheriff Scott Berry, the Old West scripted font is quaint and the brown and tan color scheme make them almost impossible to read from a distance of more than a dozen feet. This has also been the only sign to stolen from my yard, and so far unable to replace despite a couple of attempts. I have seen some Berry signs with an extra outer frame that makes them somewhat easily to notice but not necessarily easier to discern the message. Next time get an graphic artist to consult before pulling the trigger on any massive purchase. And to the miscreant who stole my sign and left the metal stand in the grass, may the affluent effluent of a thousand septic tanks fester outside your broken bedroom window.

Most ridicu…

Potters Jeff Bishoff and Geoff Pickett opened their Farmington studios


Senate leader Balfour piles up freebies  |

3rd ranking GOP State Senator Balfour found to have cause for Ethics committee investigation

Asheville newspaper recommends checking out Watkinsville and Athens

Oconee County Parolee Booked on Battery, Other Charges

Local Man Named $1 Million Winner of Weight Loss Contest on Dr. Oz Show

HortonBOC-2012 Elect Chuck Horton Chairman of the Board of Commissioners Oconee County GA.

Wagner charged with attempted murder in Gilvey attack

Longtime Athens bar owner Sky Hertwig dies | Online Athens

Hunter Grayson helping memorialize his buddy the late Jordan Ellis with this concert June 4

Regina Quick subjected to internet whisper campaign attacking her private life

So it seems there is an imposter or at least semi-anonymous poster on the Athens Banner-Herald website who goes by the seemingly innocuous name of "Obama2012" that has made the same exact post four times in four different articles (all concerning the Regina Quick-Doug McKillip primary race) in an obvious non-whisper campaign at an attempt at somehow backwards besmirching of Regina Quick and questioning her personal live.

There are references to Log Cabin Republicans repeated over and over again in this person's stilted and incongruous post that have almost nothing to do with the tenor or subject of the articles except that it includes Regina Quick.

This reeks of sleazy attacks and dirty tricks, and I have a pretty good idea of who is engineering this stunt (just can't prove it yet). It is par for the course for the GOP to begin to cannibalize their own who does not subscribe to a certain established orthodoxy. The primary season is beginning to boil…

Wayne Ford writes another classic piece of story telling about a house torched on Daniells Bridge Road Saturday morning

Kids who damage Harris Shoals Park should be sentenced by their parents to pull weeds and pick up trash there

I say make them pull privet and other invasive species of plants and garbage in Harris Shoals Park
Witnesses Tell Watkinsville Police Boys Tried to Damage Park Pavilion

Oconee County Democratic Committee opens meetings to all Oconee County candidates

The Oconee County Democratic Committee would like to announce that their next two regular monthly meetings will be open to any and all candidates who have Oconee County, Georgia in their district to briefly speak at 7:00 pm  gatherings Thursdays, June 21st and July 19th at the Oconee County Government Annex at 1291 Greensboro Highway. For more information or to reserve a spot, please call chair Dan Matthews at 706-769-1131 or 706-372-1062

Farmland's Best Friend: Russ Page

Oconee County commissioners approve 2013 budget | Online Athens

Please join Oconee Historical Society June 8 at the William Daniell House

From: psommer <>
To: 'psommer' <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 10:41 AM
Subject: please join us

Hi, The Oconee County Historical Society is planning another social get together on June 8, 7pm at the William Daniel House.  Catering by Mary ($10 donation).  Please let Lisa Douglas know if you are planning to come so we can plan the amount of food to order.  Come catch up with old friends and historical society activities. Peggy

Oconee BOE bans Oconee County Democratic Party website, but Republicans are allowed in with their site

Whether this is an oversight or an actual attempt at stifling the flow of information remains to be seen, but because of the criticism of some schools and policies, this blog as well as the official Oconee County Democratic Committee website are currently blocked from view at the computers of the Oconee County School system. The Oconee County Republican party's website has been approved for viewing at school's terminals and laptops. Dr. Hale told me today that the political websites need to be part of the curriculum or requested by a teacher at the school.

And some gutter snipe removed the cardboard from a Scott Berry sign in my yard, but they let me keep the metal stantion. Don't suppose it was any of the kids down the street whose parents have multiple signs for his opponent, would you?

More Dems raising money for Quick | Online Athens

The loneliest cutter | Online Athens

Authorities Say Saturday Fire on Daniels Bridge Road is 'Suspicious in Origin'

Athens League of Women Voters deposits materials at Russell Library | Online Athens

Tractor Trailer is broken down with a tire fire on 441 south bound at Crystal Hills Dr. Please use caution in this area from Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office : Nixle

Victim in Oconee wreck identified | Online Athens

Georgia voters to weigh in on ethics, other issues on July ballot in Non-binding Referendum-dum-dum-dum

Beryl's rains threaten OCPRD's select football tryouts

Inclement Weather Hotline - 706-769-2965

This is a reminder that you have registered your child for the Select Football League tryouts on Tuesday and Thursday, May 29 and 31 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. at Oconee Veterans Park.

If you have any questions please contact me.
Thank you,
Trevor Ross
Oconee Veterans Park
3500A Hog Mountain Road
Watkinsville, GA

Memorial Day Message from Rep. Scott Holcomb

Date: May 28, 2012 9:58:05 AM EDT To: Subject: Memorial Day Message from Rep. Scott Holcomb Reply-To:

Few holidays impact me as much as Memorial Day.  As one of my friends who is a veteran said so well, "Memorial Day isn't when we remember what we won.  It's when we remember what we lost."
For the last several days, I've been remembering the fallen.  I started by recalling the first time the meaning of this holiday really hit home.  It was after I had enlisted in the Air National Guard and I was driving with my father.  It was very late, well after midnight, and as we were about to exit he asked me to drive a little farther.  Minutes later, we pulled up to a Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
We got out of the car and sat down on a bench a few meters from the V sculpture engraved with names.  My father had served in Vietnam and I was born while he was overseas, but we had never talked about what happened over there. We sat together in silence for the b…

Oconee County loses Federal Court sign battle against Fairway Advertising

Details are sketchy at this point, but it appears Oconee County lost a Federal Court battle against Fairway Advertising resulting in three massive digital billboard, two on 316 and one at Butler's Crossing. I have not yet read the FAIRWAY OUTDOOR ADVERTISING LLC v. OCONEE COUNTY GEORGIA et al. details, but have been tipped off by someone in the know on this court case. 

 I would wager that no one at Fairway Outdoor Advertising is aware of the stink that arose from the towering sign originally erected on the 10 Loop by Home Depot. The protests were such that the company (more likely the owners of the development) finally relented and reduced the size by two-thirds.

The University of Georgia recently reclaimed one of the digital billboards already on Highway 316 near the 10 Loop from the likes of Louisiana State University, who has a habit of purchasing advertising in the backyard of their opponents on the Southeastern Conference footballs schedule as a poke in the rib and a recrui…

A War of 1812 Bicentennial Rememberance Proclamation in Watkinsville | Online Athens

One of my direct descendants, General David Blackshear, fought in this war as a brigade commander as well as the Revolutionary War as a mere child. 
A War of 1812 Bicentennial Rememberance Proclamation in Watkinsville | Online Athens

Sinkey: Blake Aued takes Broun to school on banking | Online Athens

Here is a map of the three Oconee County precincts in the new 117th


Here are the questions you can expect on the Democratic ballot for the Primary.  Of course you know by now if you want any influence whatsoever in Oconee County, you must vote in the Republican primary to get your vote to make any impact. There are no candidates to choose from in the Primary on the Democratic side this time around. We need candidates people, step up.

Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 15:20:42 -0400

MEDIA RELEASE May 25, 2012 For Immediate Release
Liz Flowers
Senate Democratic Caucus
Eric Gray
Democratic Party of Georgia 
Sophie Loghman
House Democratic Caucus 
Questions provide voters opportunity to shape Dem agenda

Atlanta, Ga. - May 25, 2012 - Georgia Democrats released today…

Honoring veterans at Oconee Veterans Park Monday

Vandals damage ball field at Prince Avenue school | Online Athens

Might the same goofballs who did this near North Oconee have done the damage here, too?
Vandals damage ball field at Prince Avenue school | Online Athens

Local Rotarians build pavilion behind ball fields at Oconee Veterans Park

First of 5 area Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins opens Tuesday at Butler's Crossing

Free stuff for the first 50 customers beginning at 5:30 am Tuesday morning
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins opens Tuesday | Online Athens