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Kemp keeps Ma$$age Envy happy after complaints & contributions

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle has already faced a round of calls for a criminal investigation from allies of his Republican opponent. Over the weekend, Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s critics made a similar demand for prosecutors to probe possible “quid pro quo.” The allegations center on Massage Envy clinics that face at least four complaints involving therapists groping women during massages. The Board of Massage Therapy, under Kemp’s purview, has not sanctioned or revoked any of the accused therapists. After an AJC investigation revealed the owner of those clinics is a donor to Kemp’s campaign for governor, and Cagle backers pounced. State Sen. Renee Unterman, in a letter to U.S. Attorney B.J. Pak, said there “appears to be a direct connection between campaign support from Massage Envy franchisees in exchange for non-action and suppression” of the complaints. And Barry Mo…