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Paul Broun Fact O' the Day #2

The vocals are pretty off, but another gem dug up from 2007 and probably played in Augusta

Paul Broun Fact O' the Day #1

This is an interesting video unearthed recently and I think put out by the GOP opposition in the special election of 2007.

Georgia on my Mind- Ray Charles


Broun raises $1M, but still owes on past races | News |

Sounds ripe for the picking for a well funded Democratic candidate. Any one want to take a chance? Broun raises $1M, but still owes on past races | News |

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The Ox vs. King Roy The Rat

Is this dignified enough for our next governor?

Scarecrow 5K tomorrow along with a million other things

As if there were not enough going on tomorrow, here is a great chance for some run, fun and fitness in the sun early tomorrow morning. Sorry to report I am helping set up the Oconee Democratic Committee yard sale near the bike wheel spinning art at the Fall Festival about 6:30 am, then have a soccer game for my son circa 8:30 am, then have to go to Druid Hills to deal with my father, then come back from a catered meal maybe here. Non-stop starting right after work today with two hours on the air at WUOG 90.5 FM starting at 6 pm tonight as part of alumni weekend.

Woven brightly,
Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

Subject: Scarecrow 5K
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 11:38:25 -0400

Scarecrow 5K
Just a quick reminder that the Scarecrow 5K is tomorrow morning in Watkinsville before the Oconee County Fall Festival; there is also a 1 mile for younger kids who want to participate.  Would love for any of you who are in town to come outfor the ra…

House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies -

Turned on to this thanks to Blake Aued of the Athens Banner-Herald, now our embarrassment of a Congressman Paul Broun has accused a Muslim advocacy group of planting spies in Washington. "Exhuming McCarthy" is more than an R.E.M. pop song for Paul Broun. House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies -

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Blackmon: Now's time for regional planning | Opinion |

Long past due assessment of the need for regional planning and municipal cooperation. Good column, Myra. Blackmon: Now's time for regional planning | Opinion |

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Oconee leaders question economic partnership plan | News |

Brian Brodrick kept referencing this meeting at last night's Watkinsville City Council meeting. Oconee leaders question economic partnership plan | News |

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Worldly Watkinsville Economics summit, I mean MACORTS, I mean Court System Relocation, I mean City Council meeting

The Watkinsville City Council meeting Wednesday was anything but routine,  starting with the 4H Club requested and administered Pledges of Allegiance from a young Guthrie gal, to Andy Griner showing his questionable municipal political ploys from the back row of the audience, to the Police Chief Lee O'Dillon revealing a daytime break-in next subdivision over from me.

Oh and by the way, Mayor Jim Luken pretty much threw down the gauntlet on what is and is not going to happen with the future of Oconee County judicial proceedings not necessarily where they are held presently. Future judicial chambers should be as close as possible to the jail with an eye toward security when designed to prevent any Brian Nichols-type attacks as prisoners might be led from courthouse to jail cell and vice-versa. This will require a Herculean effort from a visionary leader sadly lacking on the State Level.

"The Courthouse is the heartbeat of Watkinsville," said Luken. "The problem is wit…

Tree expert to lead Watkinsville stroll | Oconee |

Latest Oconee Democratic committee Saturday stroll to go opposite the Fall Festival and our own yard sale at Rita's house at Second and School streets. Tree expert to lead Watkinsville stroll | Oconee |

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Embarrasment Broun blasts Nobel Prize, hate-crime amendment

Congressman Paul Broun goes further down a dangerous line, further alienating an already fractious audience of an increasing minority of fools into God knows what kind of vengeance and fury. Talk about pouring gasoline onto a fire! What will it take to stir the hearts of good folk locally to ignite a groundswell against such intolerance and ignorance? Broun blasts Nobel Prize, hate-crime amendment | News |

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GA-10 - 2010 Georgia Race Tracker

Interesting chart and map of our Congressional district and only hints at the vast networking needed for such a run. I hope someone announces on the Democratic side soon, or it will be too late to raise any significant funds. GA-10 - 2010 Georgia Race Tracker

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Municipal election voting opens in Bogart and North High Shoals

In a post I totally stole from Jay Hanley's article in the Oconee Enterprise, early voting started for the municipal elections in North High Shoals and Bogart. The following sentences were lifted directly from his article, and I hope I have not violated the ethics of the interwebs. I give all credit and attribution to Jay, Maridee, Miss Vinnie, and the Oconee Enterprise newspaper

Voters are deciding two contested council posts: Post 3, which is a vacant seat and Post 4, which is held by Fred Johnson, who is not running for re-election. Candidates for the Post 3 seat are David Lawrence and Scott A. Wilson. Post 4 candidates include Stephen J. Arnold and Sarah G. Donegan.

The top two vote-getters among four candidates: John Larkin, Pam McNair, Weyman Steed and incumbent Michael Ward will take the seats, which have a term of four years.

Agenda For the 7:30 pm Thursday Meeting of the Oconee County Democratic Committee at the Governmental Annex on Hwy. 15

Please attend the regular monthly meeting of the Oconee County Democratic Committee 7:30 pm Thursday at the Governmental Annex Building on (Greensboro) Highway 15 on the south side of Watkinsville.

Woven brightly,
Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 19:03:33 +0000
Subject: [oconee] Agenda For Thursday's Meeting

As is my habit from time to time, I want to let all of you know the two very important subjects we will be discussing at Thursday's meeting:

1) Final preparations for Saturday's yard sale;

2) Some news about the Oconee Leader newspaper.

See you at the Annex at 7 pm!




Watkinsville raised film maker Curtis Krick screens mockumentary Something Blue at Athens film festival

Local filmmaker Curtis Krick's mocumentary "Something Blue," is set to headline the Dixie Film Festival taking place in Athens, Georgia, October 16-18, 2009. The film follows the weeks leading up to a marriage between a beautiful Caucasian bride from an upper class suburban family and a blue-collar groom from the fictitious blue-skinned Antarctica Polar-American race. Co-directors Krick and long time collaborator Sean Dillon developed the film as a way of exploring a lot of weighty issues - race, class, gender, culture and age to name just a few - in a humorous yet insightful way.

Krick, currently based in Los Angeles, grew up in Georgia. "I have a deep affinity to Athens and the local area," he says. "I lived in the city from the age of eight to 13, then in Watkinsville through high school. As a teenager I was heavily involved with various local theatre companies including Athens Creative Theatre and the Town and Gown players."

The 90-minute featur…

Lee Becker points out important impending Oconee County Meetings

Lee Becker is a conscientious individual with good blogging skills who does not wait for the mainstream media to spoonfeed his news stories or inform him of what is going on around Oconee County. For that, we are all much better off. Thank you very much for your continued efforts and glad to see your dog Saturday morning on the Stroll around Watkinsville, Lee Becker.

Date: October 12, 2009 5:18:28 AM EDT
Subject: Meetings

Dear Friends,

Oconee County has a series of important meetings upcoming, several of them tomorrow night.

5-7 p.m. Oct. 13, Community Center Oconee Veterans Park

MACORTS Presentation of Roadway Project Priorities, including the widening of Simonton Bridge road and the flyover and extenstion of Daniells Bridge road. Citizens will have a chance to express their opinions of these projects.

See my most recent posting on this at:

7 p.m. Oct. 13, Community Center…

Economic alliance talks revived | News |

I for one have never bought into the argument that the Athens-Clarke County government is driving businesses to Oconee County. Why would anyone want to relocate from the one of the densest populated counties to one of the sparsest? Tax base notwithstanding, Oconee County has reached a standstill in terms of new houses being built and or occupied. We are tied at the hip, Oconee and Clarke, whether we like it or not. Time for us to realize and work together for the betterment of us all. Well past time. Thank you Heidi and Melvin. Economic alliance talks revived | News |

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Nickel and Dimed is title of latest selection being read by Oconee Democrats book club

Subject: Nickel and Dimed


Can you please help us get the word out about our October book group selection?  The book -- "" -- is well worth reading in this era in which so many workers -- particularly in our area -- are eking out a living on low wages.

Thank you!

Member, Oconee Democrats


The community book group sponsored by the Oconee Democrats will read Barbara Ehrenreich's critically lauded "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America" for their October book.

The thought-provoking, impassioned book about the working poor was a New York Times bestseller and Notable Book of the Year (in 2001). Ehrenreich, an essayist and investigative reporter, recounts her experiences working undercover in a series of low-wage jobs while she struggles to make ends meet and find safe housing drawing only on her earnings.

Business Week des…