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Eldridge: Jones, wife are 'special people' ||

First Georgia Banking fails ||

Patrick: Gale's graduation is positive sign ||

Rec department tries for grant ||

Dem chief urges public input on redistricting ||

Democratic Party of Georgia chair Mike Berlon addressed the Oconee County Democratic Party this past Thursday. We had people young and old we had not seen in a while. Ann Stoneburner took over the reins from Dan Matthews as to the leadership of the Committee. The Oconee County Democratic Committee had a nice reception for the State Chair and assorted guests. It is always a good sign when you have to get more chairs three times for a meeting. Berlon answered every question honestly and thoroughly, taking on the toughest topics with confidence and knowledge that past mistakes cannot be repeated in order to return Georgia for President Obama in 2012. Essentially a small increase in the amount of white rural voters coupled with another large, better coordinated registration effort could indeed turn this red state blue. The President may visit here as many as a half dozen times in the next 16 months, including the possibility of visits outside of the Atlanta area to Augusta and other areas…

This week at the Oconee Farmers Market

From: Oconee Farmers Market Date: May 19, 2011 10:59:55 PM EDT To: undisclosed recipients: ; Subject: This week at the Oconee Farmers Market
Hello everyone. We hope you'll come see us at this week's Oconee Farmers Market, Saturday morning behind the Eagle Tavern. Our vendors will be bringing lettuce, yellow squash, zucchini, kale, chard, carrots, new potatoes, herbs, shiitake mushrooms, grassfed Senepol and Angus-cross beef, local honey, sourwood honey w/comb, strawberry jam, cut flowers, live plants, pie (strawberry-rhubarb, chocolate chess, pecan, peach, apple with cheddar), dog biscuits, cookies, muffins, poundcake, bread (whole wheat, raisin walnut, pretzels, bagels, etc.), cinnamon rolls,  granola, organic sweet tea, handmade soap, shea butter products, birdhouses, decorated gourds, gourd instruments, and jewelry made from recycled items.

Please note that this Saturday, the parking lot in front of the courthouse will be blocked off for an antique Buick car …

Citizens decry lack of transparency in Reapportionament hearing process

Jones hailed as he takes his seat on federal bench ||

Preview for Saturday 5/21/11 edition of True South


Rep. Paul Broun Jr. will not vote to raise debt ceiling


DeWitt Pottery

Dem joins race to fill House seat ||

Oconee County Observations: Oconee County Commissioners Told Gap Between Budge...

Oconee County Observations: Oconee County Commissioners Told Gap Between Budge...: "Flatten Budget is Response Oconee County commissioners got the grim news tonight that the gap between budget requests and revenue projectio..."

Qualified Candidates for the June 21, 2011 Special Election

Dan Matthews to run for House seat

‘Gang of Six' now party of 5?  |

Democrat Matthews running for Huckaby's seat ||

Tossing my hat in the ring for the 113th in Georgia

I, Dan Matthews, am honored to be announcing my candidacy for the Special Election for the 113th House District here in the State of Georgia. I am running because I want to fight for Oconee County and the areas of Clarke, Oglethorpe and Morgan counties in this district. I want to make sure we are not carved up like a pie in the forthcoming reapportionment. I ask for your vote and financial support.

I harbor no illusions over how difficult it will be to merely make the almost certain run off for this Special Election June 21. I want to make sure the issues not being talked about get a little coverage. I would like see a park for Elder Mill Covered Bridge. I quote from a story I wrote for the Oconee Patch that came out a little earlier this week:

I want someone to fight for and protect Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department, not question and continue to trim the budget to the point where there are less and less offerings and facilities.  I want someone who will fight for Oconee Co…

GA's first reapportionment hearing: 5/16/2011


Rotary Club of Oconee County

Haggard appointed to Superior Court ||

ThinkProgress » VIDEO: Iowa Voter to Newt Gingrich: ‘Why Don’t You Get Out Before You Make A Bigger Fool Of Yourself’

Newt Gingrich ran up a six-figure bill at Tiffany’s

Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department Needs Your Vote!

Help the Hoops court of Herman C. Michael Park near Eastville get even better than it once was with your computer.

Here is something we can all get behind - the aged basketball courts need our help to get repairs thanks to LeBron James and Sprite. The courts are about 20 years past their prime. There are lots of crumbly edges and cracks in the cement. We can really use your vote on this one. Please help the Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department win this award and help Oconee County get an improved outdoor basketball court without those painful outdoor unfriendly double rims. $35K goes a long way to helping our kids play a whole lot better basketball. How 'bout it?
Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 10:04:18 -0700
Subject: Oconee County Parks and Recreation Department Needs Your Vote!

# # #
An Assist From Sprite Could Help Oconee County Parks & Recreation Department's Herman C. Michael Park Outdoor Courts…

Scenes from a reapportionment hearing

Six Georgia Republican elected officials including State Representative Doug McKillip and State Senator Bill Cowsert both of Athens bravely lined up to hear the near constant berating from the best of the Northeast Georgia political people and elected officials from all sides of the political spectrum.

My favorite was local Libertarian chair Doug Harmon who was easily the least represented. He just got up and said his piece and sat right back down.

I missed Oconee County Board of Commissioners chair Melvin Davis' spiel, but basically the gist of what everybody said was "leave our districts alone!"

 There were plenty of other two minute or less speakers including myself, Jane Kidd, Doc Eldridge  and Keith Heard. Here are some clips of the event at the wonderfully restored Seney-Stoval Chapel of the Lucy Cobb Institute on Milledge Avenue in Athens.

Delta gets a good return on its lobbying investment

PolitiFact Georgia | Homeland security chief stresses that "very, very, very few people" get hands-on treamtent at U.S. airports

Qualifying Period Opens for State House Seat - Athens, GA Patch

Seven OCHS Players Named to All-Region Tennis Team - Oconee, GA Patch

Donations from Duracell | Oconee Community

AP sources: Raiders knew mission a one-shot deal  |

Security increased at federal courthouse, post office ||

I just had to flash my picture identification card to get in the United States Post Office located on the corner of Lumpkin and Hancock in downtown Athens. The doors on the east side of the stately old columned building are locked, so only the doors near the drive up mail box are opened. At least you do not have to get patted down or go through the metal detector to check your post office box or buy a stamp. This is while the Federal Court of the Middle District of Georgia is in session with bankruptcies or whatever they are doing today.
Security increased at federal courthouse, post office ||

Are there better uses of State Troopers than barring the media from events for the media?

10 Terrible Things Republicans Will Try to Do If They Take Over in November | | AlterNet

Nathan Deal Scandal 5-12-11


Don McKee: Governor Deal needs educating on freedom of the press

Don McKee: Governor Deal needs educating on freedom of the press: "Gov. Nathan Deal might take a few minutes during his taxpayer-funded trip to England, Germany and Austria - domains of present and past monarchies - to contemplate the fact that he was inaugurated ..."

Secretary of State Brian Kemp lets loose with the info on the 113th

Sunday sales in Comer to get vote ||

This would be the only way to get the Special Election turn out to spike through the roof and I think it may be too late for Oconee County to have it on the ballot since no one I have heard has brought it up at the Board of Commissioners meeting.
Sunday sales in Comer to get vote ||

Blueprint: Oconee Students squeeze extra funds out of juice containers ||

Oconee Deserves Better Choices in the 113th Race - Oconee, GA Patch

Reapportionment strategy for Seney-Stoval session and beyond

Reapportionment Talking Points May 2011
I.Background II.Sample Press Questions III.Talking Points:Fairness, Transparency and Equality IV.Sample Questions at Public Hearings
I.Background When Caucus Members are speaking in public venues – forums, town halls, places of worship, media interviews, etc. – to remain within the reapportionment/redistricting language provided by the Caucus Legal team, special talking points have been adopted for use.
Questions you may get from constituents or from local reporters may be very different than you expect. Even seemingly simple questions such as “Will your district remain intact?” may lead to a longer conversation and these questions should be answered using one of the several points provided below.At the very least, your answers will provide media practice.
Reporters are trained to ask the same question two or three different ways in an attempt to catch you off guard or garner a response they are seeking. When in doubt these tips may be helpful: ·If you ar…

Oconee County: the future is here from Georgia Trend magazine

Your morning jolt: A Friday night radio confrontation twixt a Nathan Deal spokesman and Dale Russell

Athens Dems express redistricting fears ||

Redistricting 101 - a long read but well worth it

Redistricting in Georgia 101
The Georgia Redistricting Alliance is a coalition of non-profit, non-partisan organizations with the shared goal of ensuring transparency and  fairness of the redistricting process in Georgia.     Supported in part by a grant from the League of Women Voters Education Fund and Open  society Foundations.    Georgia Redistricting Alliance 
The Georgia Redistricting Alliance is a coalition of non-profit, non-partisan organizations with  the shared goal of ensuring transparency and fairness of the redistricting process in Georgia.    Our coalition strives to engage and educate citizens, work in partnership with our elected  officials, and submit a fair, balanced map to the Georgia General Assembly.   Our standards for fair and equitable redistricting in Georgia   􏰀No plan or district shall be drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a political party or  an incumbent.  􏰀Districts shall not be drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal  opportunity…