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You're Invited!

Dan Matthews has sent you an invitation to 'in the greater
Athens area' -- click here to view the invitation and
submit your response:'ve been invited to attend in the greater Oconee County area. Go to to RSVP.

Overview of the secret moving plans for the Oconee County Courthouse

This is a very good comprehensive overview of the supposedly secret nightmare for the City of Watkinsville that has been the County Government attempts to begin the process of moving the Courthouse to some new location despite more than 10 acres of land available adjacent to the current historic location.  This is the smoking gun, the albatross and the reason to toss at least three incumbents (Davis, Luke and Norris) out of office.

Woven brightly, Daniel J. Matthews, Jr.

Following is the text of a message from AVOC, Inc,  an alternative news source for county and regional issues run by Mr. Wendell Dawson, former Chair of the Board of Commissioners.  Mr. Dawson has a vast amount of experience in county affairs and often offers a different perspective on county issues and much more useful background information than you will find in either local paper.  You can use these links to go to the site and read about the secrete efforts of the current chairman to move the courthouse ou…

Little bit about a lot of things

Oconee County primary election season is almost upon us, and lots of signs of the upcoming early voting are here. First a few warnings:

AVOID WATKINSVILLE AT NIGHT: unless you like to wait on Main Street for 15 minutes for an escort car to lead you around the on-going paving. I would suggest using Experiment Station Road, Water Street, Barnett Shoals or Whitehall/Simonton Bridge or any number of cut-thru routes or alternative roads or get on a bike or walk.

THUMBS UP to my young NAMELESS neighbor : although he was not responsible for the ongoing vandalism to the ridiculous amount of political yard signs in my scruffy yard, he took the initiative to correct the turning upside down of the signs and what not when I came home at an odd hour for lunch the other day and most of the neighborhood kids were sitting under a tree and I had to threaten calling the cops on them. BTW, homey, I am glad you can read, and I appreciate your comment, but there is such a thing as a fair use doctrine and t…

More review of the recent film about Oconee development

I wish I had seen the first screening of this film at the library a few weeks back, and I seem to recall from her interview on Tim Bryant's show that there is talk of another screening in Oconee County sometime in the near future. But I always wonder who is the uncredited writer of the press release in Wayne Ford's newspaper. Glad he could include this story.

Oconee County Board of Commissioners' Candidates' responses to question on Barber Creek monitoring

The following is Lee Becker's excellent reporting on the Oconee County Board of Commissioners' candidates and incumbents responses (or in at least one instance, non-response) to a question of supporting Oconee County's waterways. ~ Oconee Democrat

Dear Friends, Five of the 10 candidates for the Oconee County Board of Commissioners, representing one candidate each for the five open slots, have committed to work with Friends of Barber Creek to establish independent monitoring of the outflow of the Rocky Branch sewage treatment plant into Barber Creek. Sarah Bell, a candidate for the chairman post, stated support for working with the group on monitoring, as did Johnny Pritchett (Post 1), John Daniell (Post 2), Margaret Hale (Post 3) and Chuck Horton (Post 4). Incumbent Chairman Melvin Davis did not respond to two email messages on the issue. Incumbent Post 1 Commissioner Jim Luke said he was undecided. Incumbent Post 2 Commissioner Don Norris did not respond. Esther Po…

Stratford on the Ashford?

Shakespeare in Oconee? You got that right 

Sorry, some of the e-mails I sent out did not display the flyer with the dates and times so here are the bare facts. You can also get this information and more details on the web siteRose of Athens Theartre Performances

Mahler Auditorium at The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, Hotel and Conference Center.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
June 19 8pm 
June 20 8pm
June 218pm
June 221pm
June 278pm
June 288pm
June 295:30pm

The Taming of the Shrew
July 38pm
July 58pm
July 65:30pm
July 10 8pm
July 118pm
July 121pm
July 135:30pm

Tickets Only: $10 for 25 years and younger, $15 gen admission, Group rates available (call for more information)
Savannah Room meal and theater ticket, $32 for children $37 for adults

And at Ashford Manor's Summer Shakespeare on the Lawn.  A Midsummer Night's Dream July 188pm July 198pm July 208pm
Ashford Manor: $12 gen admission
Children under 6 FREE

 706-340-9181 Rose of Athens Theatre ticket rese…