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Will wonders never cease?

In the wake of Dr. Paul Broun's win over Jim Whitehead for Congress, suddenly something seismically changed in the political power structure around here. Within a period of less than a half an hour, I conversed politely with local Republican leaders Melvin Davis (Board of Commissioners chairman) and Jim Luke (Board of Commissioners and former Planning Commission member) and had State Representative Bob Smith shake hands with me and ask me about my soccer playing son in Publix. I was astonished, but they all know we vote as well, sometimes with our noses held, and do occasionally have to vote G.O.P. in dire circumstances.

Melvin made some feeble excuse for his vote on the Barnett Shoals rezone about a 30,000 square foot lots adjacent to the development as why he cast the vote to break the tie. Jim Luke, who voted against it, made it clear he is a property rights person "as long as it is reasonable" but also thumped his chest from the planning commission days about sidewalk…

Anthony Glenn, Charles Glenn and Lee Becker updates on Barnett Shoals vote and water issues

I think we should urge these three folks to run for the Board of Commissioners in the next election, except that I think one of the BOC now staggered terms slots coming up next is Chuck Horton. The following are from emails from Dr. Anthony Glenn, Charles Baugh and Lee Becker, heroes all for attempting to engineer a little opposition to the development stampede so willing to stamp any corner of the county clean of pesky woods, trees, tranquility, clean water, river banks, archeology and historic areas.

Morning folks,

As many of you know by now, the BOC approved the rezone request for the construction of a 196-lot subdivision next to Creekside Country Club on Old Barnett Shoals Road. There were many solid arguments against this development, and most centered on the reasonable idea that the density of the development was too high for the area. Concerns were even disclosed over whether the bridge crossing the Oconee River on Barnett Shoals Road was structurally sound enough to support th…

Barnett Shoals development vote and beer + wine postponement

The recent Oconee County Board of Commissioners vote to approve the Barnett Shoals Estates development on Barnett Shoals Road does not bode well for that tranquil corner of the county. This is an area where development has essentially escaped until recent attempts to cram a development on an area where Indians once gathered some 4,000 years ago. The BOC voted to ignore a private architect report on the possible potential historic significance and instead exponentially increase traffic in the area.

A group of residents from Clarke, Oconee and Oglethorpe counties have come together to try and battle the development were successful in getting the Planning Commission to recommend denial, but the Board of Commissioners voted to approve with Chairman Melvin Davis making the tie-breaking vote. Commissioners Luke and Horton voted against it, Margaret Hale and Don Norris voted for it. I should have lobbied Hale and her husband harder at Uncle Floyd's car show last First Friday in Watkinsvi…

Package sales in stores makes sense for Watkinsville

Last night the Watkinsville City Council started the long process of considering the sale of beer and wine at the city's two or three stores. These sales, known as package sales, were introduced by council members John Walsh and Samantha Purcell. Immediately council members Brian Brodrick and Mike Link spoke out against the measure to allow a couple of convenience stores to sell beer and wine. Keep in mind it is already legal to buy beer and wine at stores outside the city limits of Watkinsville in Oconee County. This leaves city council member Joe Walter as the deciding vote on this contentious issue. There will be forthcoming workshops and public input at various, much like the process the city went through last year to decide to allow beer and wine sales in restaurants. I hope Walter supports the idea of Purcell and Walsh. Sam wants to attract a new grocery store to town. I am sure the local churches will be in opposition once again. Police Chief Lee O'Dillon said to me …