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six years ago, flashback to another political landscape with yours truly

THREE MINUTE INTERVIEW: Dan Matthews, running for mayor of Watkinsville

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Committee to Investigate Russia: War

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Oconee County Observations: Democratic Party Resurgent In Oconee County, With ...

Oconee County Observations: Democratic Party Resurgent In Oconee County, With ...: **Two Republican Groups** The Democratic Party in Oconee County is experiencing a resurgence, with a candidate running in each of the Nov....

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pictures of people putting flags in the ground at North Oconee 9/11/2017

 I must admit I had a little apprehension about the flag planting ceremony in commemoration of the events of September 11, 2001 at North Oconee High School. My trepidation was misplaced however, and everyone was welcome, even my dog Katrina,

North Oconee High School teacher Kirk Shook invited me specifically and was very busy organizing a very well run show out at the school in Bogart. No one asked my political affiliation, and I saw one Make America Great Again shirt (I say it is already great) and one Kemp for Governor shirt.

There was one girl wearing a traditional Muslim head wear and no one shouted any profanities or raised an eyebrow to my point of view. I wore my Come Home America shirt from the George S. McGovern school from Dakota Wesleyan.

There were people of color and at least several candidates and elected officials besides myself. Again nothing but kudos for Mr. Shook and Oconee County Republican Committee chair Tammy Gilland and all the students at North Oconee High School for remembering to do this. I am not sure if all the flags were paid for or not, but I do know that several people on the Oconee County Democratic Committee were willing to contribute to his efforts.
 I planted flags with County Commissioner Chuck Horton who was smart to being a small spike and hammer to punch holes in the dry Georgia clay even on this the day before Hurricane Irma gave us two days off of school and our ground a good soaking. There were Oconee County as well as many North Oconee high school students in attendance, and at least one other dog.

Commissioner Saxon and State House candidate Deborah Gonzalez were there with a few other candidates including Josh McCall.

People came together to for a cause like we did 16 years ago. Forgive me for my initial reluctance and suspicions of unwarranted bigotry.
 There was none of that on display.

I look forward to working with all concerned people in Oconee County trying to make our high schools a better place, regardless of religious, political, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.

Monday, September 11, 2017