Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bobby Saxon to speak at Veterans Day

Oconee grad to speak at Veterans Day

Downtown trick-or-treating safe, fun

Downtown trick-or-treating safe, fun

Voters have a voice on sales tax

Voters have a voice on sales tax

Jackson EMC Donates $100,000 to Local Charities including ESP

Ga. Co-op Donates $100,000 to Local Charities - Electric Co-op Today

OFC to use Core Blend for indoor season

OFC to use Core Blend for indoor season

Educational facility offers tutoring options for Watkinsville - The Red and Black : Variety

Educational facility offers tutoring options for Athens community - The Red and Black : Variety

Halloween: Don costume, hand out candy, cast a ballot

Halloween: Don costume, hand out candy, cast a ballot

Lack of Internet access has Oconee residents lining up for an explanation

Lack of Internet access has Oconee residents lining up for an explanation

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why you should vote for Dan Matthews for Watkinsville City Council

I am running for the Watkinsville City Council because I want to see our municipal licensing process become more business friendly. My opponent has voted against every restaurant and convenience store applicant trying to receive a beer or wine license from the City Council, without justification or explanation.

I know restaurants in Watkinsville have tremendously improved our quality of life. I will give every business that comes before the City Council the proper consideration and assessment of the application itself instead of trying to force my morality or religious views one way or the other on the residents and business owners of Watkinsville (which is apparently the case with my opponent currently).

I want to continue the carefully crafted policy enacted by former Mayor Jim Luken along with the Council members some eight years ago. We have had changes in two of the council members since then, and I know the City can handle one more. There have not been a substantial increase in the number of DUIs or other crime attributable to the beer and wine policy, and Watkinsville Police Chief Lee O'Dillon himself will back that up.

I would like to see more sidewalks and jogging trails, bike paths and bike lanes, and safe places for our residents to walk, run, or pedal. I fully support the expansion of the city parks like Watkinsville Woods and worked on it this past Saturday. I also think that creative pocket parks like the Patriot Park in front of Jittery Joe's and the park for John McNally off Colham Ferry Road are fantastic.

Please vote for me Dan Matthews Tuesday, November 4th or this week during the last days of advance voting at the Oconee County Board of Elections office at 10 Court Street or at the Civic Center 8:00 am to 5:00 pm through Halloween.

If you have any questions or need a ride to the polls, you may certainly call me on the telephone at 706-372-1062. Thank you very much for your consideration, and I love Watkinsville.

TONHS crime incidents in October

Subject: TONHS crime incidents in October

TONHS Residents,

This month we have had at least three incidents of serious crime in town I have been asked to informed others about.    First, several weeks ago a resident on Rays Church Road had a car stolen from their driveway during the morning.  Second and Third, residents on Shadyfield Lane and Gober Road had people break into their homes and steal valuable items.  

Please be on alert for yourself and your community.

Thanks,  Fred

Oconee County Observations: Oconee County Rep. Quick Planning Legislation To M...

Oconee County Observations: Oconee County Rep. Quick Planning Legislation To M...: ”Shadow Governments” Regina Quick, who represents part of Oconee County in the Georgia House of Representatives, has asked legislative co...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oconee man and partner seek to open new Athens area brewery next year

I for one eagerly anticipate an Eagle Tavern Amber and an Ashford Manor Stout, maybe even a Watkinsville Weisen

Oconee man and partner seek to open new Athens area brewery next year

Oconee County moves within two wins of a state championship

Oconee County moves within two wins of a state championship

Watkinsville Woods is an amazing preserve of history and foliage

There are a lot of jewels buried in the acreage that is known as Watkinsville Woods.

Council members Mike Huff and Brian Brodrick did their dad gum best to transform this jewel Saturday morning with help from Cub Scouts, Boy Scout, pack leaders and many more people from the professional world like Walt Cook of Cook's Trail or Gary Grider of Athens have all put in considerable hours long before this second volunteer clearing of the park.

The history of the area remains subject of much speculation as a both a religious area and a place of washing clothes with earthen dams to bolster the outdoor laundry facilities.

There are still bed frames and heater boxes and other debris in the back yards of some residences connected to the park, but lots of barbed wire were yanked out of the ground this time.

The tools employed for this adventure in man and woman power were amazing unto themselves, and borrowed from the bike trail making group SORBA, which has some irony since this park is meant to be anything but a bike path. It was very empowering to create something from nothing in an area to be enjoyed by everyone soon enough.

This area is hidden for sure, and the City is considering what kind of fence to provide for the neighbors both on the driveway adjacent to Jackson Terrace and any other areas on the peripheries of Watkinsville Woods. I am sure we will get some signage eventually to enlighten those who do not know this area exists, even here in Watkinsville.

This work was done on a loop designed to eventually be accessible to those in wheelchairs and walkers, and thus earned the sobriquet ADA Loop for the group of trailblazers using fire fighting tools to remove roots, scrub, plants of all kinds, were chopped, dug, yanked, and otherwise carted away and raked with the ominous tools light years beyond my pedestrian lopers.

Among the more fascinating details I learned that day is that there is a purple leafed orchid that appears in all 159 counties of Georgia that seemed to really dig this place and it was otherwise hidden from my untrained eye.

We removed non-purple leafed plants from between the blue flags marking the paths and had waves of people almost sifting the soil to remove as much of the invasive debris as possible. Marking the trails with some kind of boarding and mulch would seem to be the next steps (although I am not at all certain what is the process).

I am NOT talking about jewels in the sense of rubies and diamonds but instead golden memories and history and a flash of how life was run in days gone past. The Fox family, the flora and fauna, trees, the creeks, the gullies, the place where people used to get preached to, the place where people used to do the laundry, the tulip poplars, all these and more. Sure there is lots left to do but the pass that were cut yesterday with tools I had never used before was an amazing first step in the process, and really its a second or third or fourth step at the very least.

The park will have an exit behind the Chapelle Gallery and giving Jackson Street residents a way to get to downtown without having to tread on Main Street.

Happy 51st anniversary to Kathy and Jerry Chappelle by the way.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I think this kind of embodies what David Perdue thinks of women

David Perdue signs a young supporter’s torso

The Made Thing: OCAF Poetry Reading Event

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Date: October 20, 2014 at 3:39:08 PM EDT
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Subject: The Made Thing: OCAF Poetry Reading Event

{An OCAF Art Education Event}
Over the past 6 weeks eight students have been learning the ins-&-outs of poetry in the OCAF Literary Arts class The Made Thing: A Beginner's Poetry Workshop with instructor Michelle Castleberry. This Thursday evening, October 23,  Michelle's students will be reading their "Made Things" poetry in a public Poetry Reading event to be held in OCAF's Members' Gallery.  The event is free and open to the public. A reception with light refreshments will follow the reading. Please join us in support of these talented budding poets.

For more information about the class and about Michelle, Click Here
The Made Thing: A Poetry Reading
34 School Street
1902 OCAF Center / Members' Gallery
Watkinsville, GA  30677
Event begins at 6:00pm
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