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[Updated] Ga. Democrats to take on anti-gay discrimination in state funding for private schools

Edwards: Republican ideas wrong for America

Broun: No formal announcement regarding Senate candidacy until next week

This is the opportunity for the rest of Georgia to show Dr. Broun the door
Broun: No formal announcement regarding Senate candidacy until next week

Fort, Carter Take on Tax Fraud in Scholarship Org

I think US Senator Jason Carter has a nice ring to it, don't you?

Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 07:30:41 -0500
Subject: Fort, Carter Take on Tax Fraud in Scholarship Org

MEDIA RELEASE January 24, 2013 For Immediate Release
Liz Flowers
Senate Democratic Caucus

Fort, Carter Take on Tax Fraud in Scholarship Org
Taxpayer dollars being diverted on scam Atlanta, Ga. - January 30, 2013 - Citing blatant tax fraud, Sens. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) and Jason Carter (D-Decatur) introduced legislation this week to bring a stop to the tax fraud scheme that exists within the Student Scholarship Organization (SSO).

"Accounting for these tax abuses has been fraught with difficulty because tax records have not been made public, reports from the organizations limited and all sums have been lumped together making it impossible to trace donations back to their source," said Sen. …

Did Paul Broun Just Announce His Candidacy for Senate? — Peach Pundit

Darling Nikki just can't keep her mouth shut - I can guarantee you he will not win to replace Saxby Chambliss
Did Paul Broun Just Announce His Candidacy for Senate? — Peach Pundit

Paul Broun is running for U.S. Senate

according to Tim Bryant of Fox News 1340 WGAU

Senator Bill Heath tells constituents they are “annoying” him

Oconee deputies investigate Atlanta woman in ID theft scheme

Watch Nathan Deal run from an important question.

From: "Bryan Long, Better Georgia" Date: January 28, 2013 8:15:46 AM EST To: Subject: Watch Nathan Deal run from an important question. Reply-To: "Bryan Long, Better Georgia"

Tough question. Last week CBS reporter Christopher King

Uh, sorry about Sen. Bill Heath.

This arrogance is only going to expedite the death of the dominance of the Republican party in Georgia

Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 18:24:36 -0600
Subject: Uh, sorry about Sen. Bill Heath.

Better GeorgiaBetter Georgia - Progressive Politics & News

It's working.
Tonight, Sen. Bill Heath sent an email telling you how he feels about voters reaching out to him with important concerns: 'Don't bother!'
He considers your important action of signing a petition to be "childish."
We don't.
And we know you don't either.
Sen. Heath is a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee that oversees the state budget. It is his job responsibility to listen to the citizens of Georgia.
Accepting an appointment to this committee makes him responsible to every single tax paying Georgian. Period.
Instead of complaining about his job, or making fun of you for signing an online petition,

Perdue ends speculation he'll seek Senate seat

Watkinsville's Stadion Investment Trust Selects ALPS as Distribution Partner | Business Wire

Georgia Democratic Senators offer alternate solutions for Georgia healthcare woes

Oconee County Observations: Epps Bridge Centre In Oconee County Has Building P...

Oconee County Observations: Epps Bridge Centre In Oconee County Has Building P...: Georgia Square Mall Tenants Included The Oconee County Code Enforcement Office has issued building permits for about 260,000 square feet o...

Isaac Bramblett single handedly reignites Watkinsville music scene

The following are a series of photos from the free performance of Isaac Bramblett at the Watkinsville Jittery Joe's a couple weeks ago in a performance designed to heighten awareness of ACTION, Inc. being moved out of this area, and the need for a local headquarters for this important group. It would be nice to find a new area around here for this referral agency.

It helps refer families in need with the assistance including food and shelter.  According to Oconee Patch: Action Incorporated is located at 4951 Macon Highway (441). The focus of Action is to maintain a food pantry for referrals and help needy families during financial crises with counseling and budgeting. Action receives federal, state and private grants. 
Fax:706-769-1139Hours:Mon, Wed, Fri, 8am - 1pm; Tue, Thu, noon - 5pm; Sat, Sun, closedHandicap Accessible:Entrance at back of buildingFounding Date:1970Parking:Free lotScope:Local, RegionalType:Hunger, Senior citizens

Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2013

Anyone want to go? ----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Keisha Carter
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Subject: Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2013

Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2013
Democratic Party of Georgia Jefferson Jackson Dinner 2013 View this email in your browser

2014 US Senate Election

I was polled Friday afternoon and there was no identifier, but my support would go toward Michael Thurmond with General David Poythress second and Jane Kidd third. Fourth would have to be a wild card like Rich or Andy Rusk, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield or someone with charisma and deep pockets.
Democratic candidates would be very smart to get together and not have a primary and let the Republicans rip and shred themselves apart in a primary to give the Democratic candidate  a real shot in November 2014. I would also support Jason Carter
From: Patsy Harris
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 2:15 PM
Subject: 2014 US Senate Election

Hi District 10 Democratic Leaders!
You can see the email below that our DPG Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment that the call is out for a Democratic candidate to enter the race for the US Senate! GA Republican Senator Saxby Chabliss announced today he will not seek re-election 2014.
Who in your rolodex would make a fine Democratic candidate …

Images from Inaugural

I was very fortunate to attend the recent Inaugural of President Barack Obama in Washington, DC thanks to Congressman Paul Broun for the tickets.

It was my first time in our Nation's Capitol and is a trip I will never forget. I wish to thank everyone from the travel agent Stuart to the people on the airplane for making it happen.

Thank you to Teddie Norton at Congressman Broun's staff for making it happen and I appreciate the staffer from the unnamed North Carolina Senator for picking the tickets up before the Friday deadline. We had tickets in the orange section, which was to the far right of the stage, which I suppose would be appropriate for Congressman Broun. 
I did not see the Congressman but I did see U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss from Moultrue getting off the plane at the end of the trip in Ronald Reagan airport, looking like the weight of the world was holding him down. Obviously it was as he was making up his mind not seek re-election Monday, and would announce it by …