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Area standouts ready for Clarke-Oconee All-Star Game

Bogart Teen Raises Money To Help Wounded Vets In Wheelchairs Take It Off-Road

Western Circuit Superior Court Chief Judge T. Patrick Haggard talks about Veterans Court Saturday at Kumquat Mae

The Clarke County area Democratic Committee hosted and listened to Chief Judge T. Patrick  Haggard Saturday morning to a packed house upstairs at Kumquat Mae.

The Judge described the various accountability courts: (mental health, drug, DUI) but primarily focused on his dozen or so people involved in the Veterans Court,  privately every Tuesday afternoon in the Clarke County Superior Court.  
Mentors and other advocates are sought, but need to sign a confidentiality agreement to attend these sessions, according to Judge Haggard.
There are 5 phases of duration during the Veterans Court after an initial assessment, and so far no one has graduated from the area court, but many success stories and employment have emerged, as well as a lowering of the return trips to prison. Jobs are part of the equation for most.
Judge Haggard answered questions from the audience about a range of issues from marijuana legalization to mental health and dementia. He was as candid as can be, but let it be kn…

Fire damages home of UGA strength coach

Seth Hathaway named PACS head of school - Oconee Enterprise: News

North Oconee H.S. student reportedly suffers head trauma following beating

Watkinsville Artist Jan Perkins featured at Southworks - Oconee Enterprise: News

Our freezers are restocked

Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Subject: Our freezers are restocked!
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:46:03 +0000

Our freezers are restocked!

They've gone too far...

Dan, This is a new low…even for Georgia Republicans.
Republican Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue signed on to a letter designed to undermine nuclear proliferation negotiations between President Obama and Iranian leaders. The letter from 47 GOP senators warned Iranian leaders that any deal agreed upon wouldn't necessarily last past the President's administration.
We've seen the GOP act as obstructionists for years, but this is a brazen, unprecedented move that could have dire consequences on our national security. US Secretary of State John Kerry called the move irresponsible, editorial boards across the nation have blasted the letter, and some Republicans are already backing away from the debacle.
These are the fruits of a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress and we need your help to reverse the tides. Pitch in $10 today for a Democratic majority next year.

David Perdue and Johnny Isakson are playing politics with our security, proving there is no floor for…

Agenda for March 18, 2015 in Watkinsville City Council meeting


l. February 18, 2015

l. Ashlie Johnson — business license — Bud and Bloom — 36 Ilarris Lane
2. Luke Bishop / Fifteen Properties — building permit 65' x 100'- 1360 Grccnsboro Highway

l. Fcbruarv, 2015 General & SPLOST Funds - Reconciliation Reports

1. Consider Budget for Comfort Station at 9 Water Street

1. Consider Rules & Regulations of Oconee County Environmental Health Services
2. Consider ESP Jump & Fly
3. Consider Intergovernmental Agreement — Traffic Calming Devices

Georgia middle school teaches Civil War in way designed ‘not to offend whites’: parents

Oconee's Gabby Bevillard: Pretty In Pink

Brooks Crawford rips first HS home run ever at Coolray - Oconee Enterprise: Sports

UNG names new VP | Classic City Today

Trio accused in assault at North Oconee HS | Classic City Today

Magazine article on Athens could reach 2 million readers in well written article about an article by a North Oconee intern Ivey Tanner

Oconee County has an ugly side of its history with several notorious lynchings

Athens Area Democrats Breakfast

Subject: Athens Area Democrats Breakfast
Date: March 11, 2015 at 6:00:10 AM EDT

Athens Area Democrats Breakfast Clarke County Democratic Committee

Come out to hear Superior Court Judge T. Patrick Haggard of Veterans Court in the Western Judicial Circuit.
Topic:  The work of the Veterans Court in the Western Judicial Circuit (Athens-Clarke county).

Location:  Kumquat Mae Bakery, 1155 Mitchell Bridge Road Cost of breakfast:  $12.00 

March 2015 14




Copyright © Clarke County Democratic Committee. All rights reserved.

25th Annual OCMS Brave Run video by Tony Presley Watkinsville, GA 3-7-15


Oconee’s liquor limited to four corridors

60 people have voted as of Tuesday night in Watkinsville - vote yes for a better Watkinsville

At firefighters meeting, Peter King blasts fellow GOPers

Kids R Kids of Watkinsville / Athens / Bogart Earns the Presidential Award for 2014 - Kids 'R' Kids of Bogart / Athens

Deborah Roberts recalls racist comments here in Athens as a UGA frosh

Watkinsville Garden Club installs new officers

Except that it is Mirko's, not Barberitos, that will be changed by liquor by the drink, Jim Thompson

Well written article by Athens Banner-Herald editor Jim Thompson with lots of great quotes from Mychell Lang. But it should be known that Barberitos does not have alcohol of any sort at any of their restaurants that I am aware of, and Mirko's has wine at the very least. They used to be owned by the same people, but that is no longer the case.
March 17 alcohol referendum slated for Watkinsville

Half a Million Georgians Signed Up for Obamacare

Watch a bunch of kids throwing up gang signs in selfies before the Real Deal at Tech live feed of President Obama at Tech

This is why I think Police Chief Lee O'Dillon and staff does an excellent job

President Obama to meet with Nathan Deal during his Atlanta swing | Political Insider blog

In case you did not hear it this morning

Please don't play at Kentucky, Jaleel

Oconee Rotary Club, Keep Oconee Beautiful plant Dogwood trees

So who sent this anonymous postcard today?

I did not author nor condone the postcard sent today to hundreds of Watkinsville voters. 
While I do agree with its ends, I quibble with some of its means, and will be glad to point to the authors once found. The early wagering is on Russell Lee, but no definitive proof has been found, no smoking stamp as of yet unstuck. 
Besides being incredibly awkward grammatically, this mailer lacks the one facet you need for any political persuasion piece, and that is credibility. You need to have a contact and or author at the very least, phone numbers, emails, instagrams, tumblrs, etc., etc.
Make up a silly Facebook group, as I did yesterday, called it Vote Yes for a Better Watkinsville, author that proudly, get the URL, and go on the radio this morning to try to explain a tiny sliver of the confusion (which at least this piece tries to trim as well). I will be proud to share any further details in our comments section.

Watkinsville man caught with drugs in Athens jail

Oconee County Observations: Farmers Market Opens On April 4 In Front Of Oconee...

Oconee County Observations: Farmers Market Opens On April 4 In Front Of Oconee...: 12th Season Oconee Farmers Market will launch its 12th season on April 4. Vendors will assemble at 8 a.m. in front of the Courthouse in W...

FW: Marijuana Legislation Update

Sincerely,  Dan Matthews

Subject: Marijuana Legislation Update
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2015 18:55:16 +0000

Marijuana Legislation Update