Monday, March 09, 2015

So who sent this anonymous postcard today?

The anonymous postcard arrived today March 9, 2015
I did not author nor condone the postcard sent today to hundreds of Watkinsville voters. 

While I do agree with its ends, I quibble with some of its means, and will be glad to point to the authors once found. The early wagering is on Russell Lee, but no definitive proof has been found, no smoking stamp as of yet unstuck. 

Besides being incredibly awkward grammatically, this mailer lacks the one facet you need for any political persuasion piece, and that is credibility. You need to have a contact and or author at the very least, phone numbers, emails, instagrams, tumblrs, etc., etc.

Make up a silly Facebook group, as I did yesterday, called it Vote Yes for a Better Watkinsville, author that proudly, get the URL, and go on the radio this morning to try to explain a tiny sliver of the confusion (which at least this piece tries to trim as well). I will be proud to share any further details in our comments section.
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