Jeff Dantzler's arrests may be the best thing that ever happened to him

THis has next to nothing to do with Oconee County with the possible exception of the location of his former office, but a former colleague of mine on the radio got popped today for four counts. Any one who has listened to 960 the Ref AM sports talk radio or heard the UGA Lady Dawgs or men's baseball team has surely heard the encyclopedic knowledge of one Jeff Dantzler. Jeff and I are pretty much diametrically opposed poltically, but today he was arrested on four counts including DUI. I hope he gets the help he needs following his incarceration. I work for a lawyer who could help him out if he does not having someone already representing him. This man is a great broadcaster and I hope this arrest serves as a wake-up call for him and his rock and roll lifestyle. I live a far from perfect life myself but long ago and far away I learned how and when not to drink. Now we will be without he dulcet tones on Lady Bulldog broadcasts as well as on Georgia baseball games and also on the afternoon sports talk show on Cox Broadcasting's afternoon talk radio show 4-6 pm. Jeff was many people's pick to ultimately replace Larry Munson and he certainly had the pipes and knowledge. I see the damage daily of DUIs and it is not a nice or easy road to hoe. Perhaps Jeff can use this sad incident as a catalyst to get his life together. I would have thought his 2003 incident where he asked three Georgia coeds the color of their underwear and subsequent termination would have woken him up. The rare times he mentioned that previous incident were only rarely tempered with remorse and often times were instead angry diatribes against the previous administration at the Southern Broadcasting ownership. Cox Broadcasting can make up their own mind about the future of Jeff on their airwaves, but I hope this 36 year old broadcaster decides instead to save his liver and his life instead of drinking away all that talent. I hope the best for him and his family and offer nothing but support in his recovery. There are plenty of meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous he should attend to start that road to recovery, many in the building I work in every day at noon. I hope he gets visited by Vince Dooley or Mark Richt or whomever can convince him to straighten out his life. The Bulldog nation will miss him; we miss Munson, but we will get along fine without them. Whether Jeff decides to improve his situation is entirely up to him and I strongly encourage him to do so.

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