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Wait until developers destroy what was once Rutherford community near the Clarke-Oconee-Oglethopre nexus

Not even the most ardent local historians or archeologists have heard of the Rutherford community near where what was Green Acres Country Club and where it recently stood. Now there is a plan afoot to bring in a massive new county club development with $350,000 houses on 3/4 acre lots. The closest subdivisions I am aware of in Clarke County have five acre minimums.

UGA art professor Bill Paul is heading up a community effort to block the Marshall development destined to destroy the scenic gateway along Barnett Shoals into Oconee County. This area has large lots and many acres of undisturbed beauty in an area untouched by subdivisions (so far) and also any substantial surveys of historical impact on cemetaries and ruins of the mill culture.

The following was borrowed from the NEGRDC report on the area:

Regional Review Notification
Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center • 305 Research Drive, Athens, Georgia 30605-2795 • 706.369.5650 • Fax 706.369.5792 …