Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spot flooding plagues places of note in Oconee, but by in large, we escaped the worst

According to a post on Facebook post seen by some at lunch, Oconee County Republican chair and sometimes newspaper reporter Jay Hanley let the world know the Oconee Enterprise office on Barnett Shoals Road  had some minor flooding but evidently none of the equipment was damaged.  Also last night noted bicycle enthusiast Dr. Anthony Glenn posted that most of Simonton Bridge Road between First and Main was flooded.

That may be the first and last post ever where Jay Hanley and Tony Glenn were mentioned in the same paragraph.

Many awe inspiring shots of the roaring shoals at North High Shoals or the Bridge over the Oconee River at Simonton Bridge were taken in the minds (if not shutters or cell phones) of passing cyclists and motor vehicle drivers Tuesday or before.

While anywhere in the countyy that was semi flat saw some standing water accumulate during the seven day deluge, so far Oconee County seemingly escaped most of the severe damage seen elsewhere in the state. Please feel free to correct me with any personal tales of water and despair.
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