Monday, March 16, 2015

TONHS - meeting tonight on building new Town Hall

Town of North High Shoals - meeting tonight on building new Town Hall

TONHS Residents,

Council member Holzman is inviting community members to come to the council meeting tonight at Town Hall at 7:30 pm to provide community input on the new town hall.  He says they will be "Putting the final touches on the request of proposals or deciding to go with an architect."   Please come provide them input on this important building project and pass on the word about the meeting.

Here is the rest of the agenda: 

Old Business: 
    Street Update – M. Beall 
        Possible Erosion Plantation/Speedway – V. Dawe 
    Park Update – M. Beall; S. Holzman Barn, 
        Clean-Up Day, Fitness Trail, Playground Equipment, etc. 
    Swimming Pool and Fence – Morgan Wheeler 
    Town Hall Sketches/Discussion – M. Beall 
    Zoning Regulation Discussion – V. Dawe 

New Business:
    Intergovernmental Agreement with Oconee County for Devices – M. Beall 
    Code Officer Appointment; Magistrate Court Set Up – M. Beall 
    Budget for 2015-16 Thoughts and Time Line – M. Beall 
    History of NHS Book – Possibly Meet Potential Author; Discuss Costs, Etc. 

Thanks, Fred

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