Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't dissolve North High Shoals

This is a great small city with a strong local contingent of active parents, homeowners and folks looking for the quiet, secluded, rural life. Seems some people are upset over recent election activity and are not real happy with the new person elected to the city council.

Now let me be the first to admit, newest city council member Steve Holzman and I are friends and serve on the Oconee County Democratic Committee together, but this irrational fear of him on the part of some previously elected officials is irrational, unwise and cowardly.

I would strongly suggest that Mayor Jeff Thomas need not resign unless he is actually tired of working for the city. I would also suggest that Council member Eddie Cape need not attempt to dissolve the city unless there was some other reason that a little bit of discontent over three registered Democrats being on the city council at the same time. It takes much more than one upset city council member or a resigning Mayor to dissolve a city council. It takes an act of the State Legislature and I cannot imagine Bob Smith doing that, but who knows?

These three people, Violet Dawe, Steve Holzman and Fred Johnson, seldom agree on anything at our meetings, so I do not think you have to be so frightened of a potential cabal or some kind of take over of your fair city of less than 200 people? I have attended maybe a half dozen meetings of the North High Shoals city council over the years, and have always been treated kindly at every gathering.

The late and last legal opponent of Mayor Thomas (Gaynor Bracewell) ran on a dissolve the city campaign and lost soundly, so I do not think it is time to kick North High Shoals to curb so quickly.
There are parks and schools to be dealt with, and this is not the time to dissolve the city charter so ruthlessly.
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