Monday, March 07, 2011

Congressman Paul Broun dodges direct question as to the identity of the person who asked "Who's gonna shoot President Obama?"

Tonight I was first in line to ask 10th district Congressman Paul Broun on a telephone town hall call I received on my seldom used home telephone line. I asked Dr. Broun directly as to the identity of the elderly gentlemen who traveled from either Cobb County or Eatonton to ask in Lexington "Who's going to shoot President Obama?"

After essentially repeating his statement released three days after the initial question was asked, instead of answering my question, (although he did allow that he was a former patient of the doctor who can only make house calls), he went on an assault on the reporting of the Athens Banner-Herald's political reporter Blake Aued and then went on to another question asker in the telephone town hall.

This was an economic town hall question. I was making dinner so I did not have the chance to stay on the line.

Sounds like it is going to take a Freedom of Information Act request to reveal the name of this elderly questioner.
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