Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pastures of Rose Creek: This Week's Harvest

There will be a lot going on near the Oconee County Courthouse Saturday morning, including the Farmers Market.

Dan Matthews

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 17:46:28 -0400
Subject: The Pastures of Rose Creek: This Week's Harvest

Hello to all from The Pastures of Rose Creek!

Fall is here (yay - my favorite season) and so too is the Fall Festival happening this Saturday downtown Watkinsville.  And according to the weather channel Saturday promises to be one of those perfect fall days...crisp, blue skies - not too cool, not too hot - delicious breeze that carries that oh, so nostalgic smell that is undeniably fall - what better way to spend a lovely fall Saturday?  So, no excuses - we hope to see you there. Read on to discover all that will grace our table this Saturday at the Fall Festival.

And now news from the farm....

VEGGIE OF THE WEEK: Turn Down the Heat with Icicle Radishes

What looks like a carrot, tastes like a radish and is white all over?  The icicle radish, of course.  This radish, particular to the Daikon family, has a distinct crispy texture and is more mild than the common red radish.  It is great shredded or sliced over a salad, and is also wonderful grilled, baked, broiled or boiled.  Just half a cup of this delightfully refreshing veggie contains 24% of your daily vitamin C and also contains active enzymes that aid in digestion.

Our favorite method of preparing it?  We grate it like cheese and pour a little soy sauce over it and voi la!, it transforms into an AMAZING dipping sauce or garnish for your grass fed beef (and other meats of course!) and/or roasted veggies.


Last week for our peppers so get 'em while they're hot! (We have recipes galore on how to use these guys - including how to make your own Tabasco sauce.  Ask us at the market.)

Also....don't forget about our EGGS-traordinary farm-fresh EGGS.  

Also at our table...

Aji Dulce Peppers
Americana peppers (bell peppers with a kick)
Banana Peppers
Bell Peppers
New Mexico Green Chiles
Mixed Greens
Radishes (Red and White varities)
Tabasco peppers
Thai Dragon Peppers

**Come check out other surprise veggies we may have to offer.**


A big thank you to all of you for the support and interest in our grass fed beef! Although we are temporarily sold out, we are excited to know that there is such a high demand and interest in healthy, environmentally sound beef. The next batch of beef will be ready for your table sometime in December..  So go ahead and put your order in today and reserve your beef! These last cows went FAST.

Feel free to stop on by the Watkinsville Farmer's Market or give one of us a call/email if you have any questions about our grass fed beef! Dana Bradford: 575.613.2029 or Will Powers: 706.254.9391

"I was so excited to find out there was local grass fed beef available in Monroe. Only a week after placing my order for 1/4 of a cow, it was delivered to my door! Let me say, it did NOT disappoint. My husband and I have cooked it several times already and it is absolutely delicious, not to mention better for you than the beef you find in the grocery store. Will, John, and Dana at the Pastures of Rose Creek were a joy to work with. They made the process easy and convenient. We are extremely pleased and cant thank you enough!" -Meredith Bowman, Monroe

BAKED GOODS by Dana (Watkinsville Market):

Cranberry Almond Biscotti (is back!!)

Thank you all for your support! Hope to see y'all Saturday at the Watkinsville Farmers Market!

For the love of community and all things farming...

Your local farmers,

Will Powers and John & Dana Bradford...and of course, Francie!  :)
The Pastures of Rose Creek, LLC
1051 Rose Creek Drive
Watkinsville, GA
(575) 613-2029
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