Thursday, February 07, 2013

Congressional candidate John Douglas spews seditious hate speech against our President

I wrote a Facebook note to Newton County Commissioner John Douglas today after he expressed his views on Tim Bryant's talk show on NewsTalk 1340 WGAU AM in Athens claiming that Ronald Reagan, dead for a decade, could do a better job governing our country buried 10 feet underground than our current commander in chief. Mr. Douglas responded to my request for treating our Commander in Chief more properly with the following hate speech, hardly respectable for someone running for public office:

"I have the most utter and complete comtempt for him but I will call him Mr President."

Mr. Douglas did not do so today on the radio, and I left this misspelling to show what kind of candidate is seeking the office to replace Paul Broun. Haven't we had enough of this kind of angry and outrageous kind of attitude coming from our career politicians? Time to get someone in there who has our best interests in mind.

I am tired of the shock jock schlock coming out of our politicians. Please do not support this kind of language by anyone, yet alone someone who will only get worse during the next year and a half. I had Mr. Douglas on my radio show back in the day, and the only thing I remember was how he thought no one could bike from Bogart to Social Circle. Do not encourage this kind of rhetoric from our so-called leaders.

Could he at least explain why he is so full of contempt? What has President Obama done to offend him so much? Why can't he explain what he likes about our leaders? Beware of those who only seek to divide us even more than we are already
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