Friday, February 15, 2013

Go see Craig Gum's photography at Kumquat Mae this week

My favorite photographer of the moment is a former sports photographer Craig Gum, who used to live in Watkinsville. His technique of development and composition is painstakingly complex and adds layers and depth beyond your average artistic attempts. Most of his photos are difficult to describe, but he has quite the eye and his photos are amazing to behold. I would say this might be the best artist I have seen in quite some time, and his photographs are amazing

A lot of his work juxtaposes various familiar yet disturbing or provocative images. He is quite in demand, and I think we will be hearing quite a lot more from this artist. I give it my highest recommendation.

He has been featured in the Red and Black, and his technique involves layering to give the images depth and breadth that might not otherwise be appreciated by the average photography fan.

I would post them here but that might ruin the surprise. One particular favorite puts a twist on cock fighting, with a bird and a woman and various good ol' boys placing their wagers. This might be the best photographer I have seen in quite some time. Please go check out his work at Kumquat Mae on Barnett Shoals in Watkinsville.

He does not objectify women or models or children, but instead immortalizes them for future generations to behold. His work is timeless and imaginative, and I would imagine it might blow a few people's minds. Challenge yourself and check out his work, please.
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