Thursday, March 14, 2013

Small "manhole" cover missing at Third and Barnett Shoals in Watkinsville

In the grand scheme of things, this request is small and somewhat insignificant.

But for some time there has been a missing "manhole" cover at the intersection of Third Street and Barnett Shoals in Watkinsville.

This is of course along the parade route for the Christmas Parade, and a popular path for joggers, walkers, and even the occasional horse drawn carriage.

Yes, this has been missing more than a year. Yes, it is way too small to be a man hole cover, as no man or even child could fit down there.

My son can barely fit his foot in there. But that does not mean a baby carriage, or a trike, or most bicycles, would not run roughshod over this hazard.

The Watkinsville City council does a good job of responding to the needs of its residents. I did not make a stink about this last night at the meeting. I was happy to hear  the council members raise concerns over oil spills and falling porches on their own, and report what  the residents had asked them.

But it is a danger, it is a liability the City of Watkinsville could take care of quickly. I am sure City Engineer Mark Campbell could tell me what it is in heartbeat. The Street Department might have a half dozen of these in their shed. I hope they can add it to their list. I noticed the banner is still wrapped up maybe 12 feet away from there.

I know this blog post is no panacea or quick cure all for of Watkinsville's ills, but it is only a beginning. Please take this as a serious request. So please Connie Massey, please Charles Ivie, please Brian Brodrick, Toby and Mikes, help save our tires and ankles, axles and gear shifts, cars and bikes.

I do not want anyone to get caught or twist an ankle in this hole in the street. Can we please get it fixed soon? I think we can work it out. Do I need to fill out a form or formal request? I will be glad to make calls as necessary.
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