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The High Shoals Messenger.

                                                                                                                                                                      VOL. 2.1.        HIGH SHOALS, GA.,  THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2013.        NO. 5.


Town Council has scheduled a public hearing for Monday, July 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm. (the regular monthly meeting will follow.) The purpose of the hearing is to consider changes to speed limits on Hillsboro and New High Shoals Roads. If you have an opinion as to whether the speed limit on Hillsboro Road in front of the park should be reduced to 25 mph, this is your chance to be heard. Also up for discussion will be discrepancies between the posted speed limit on New High Shoals Road and the limit established by the Town's ordinance.

Speeding on Hillsboro Road has been a problem since the previous speed tables were removed. At the June Council meeting Mayor Mike Beall expressed what appeared to be the consensus of all council members in attendance:“We need to solve this problem once and for all!”

Earlier this month the Council acted on Violet Dawe's motion and approved the purchase of two new speed tables for Hillsboro Road. At the Council meeting this last Monday Ms. Dawe moved for the purchase of a second portable radar speed sign, explaining“It's public safety and everybody in town is concerned about speeding.”That motion was also approved and the speed tables and speed sign will be ordered.

If you think your attendance won't matter, consider this observation by Steve Holzman at the June 17th meeting:“If you don't show up at meetings and people who want traffic control [do], I'm going to listen to the people who show up at the meetings. . .. They [those favoring speed bumps] were clearly here last month.”


Town Council has adopted its proposed 2013-14 budget. It will be posted on the Town's website,


The Town has purchased a new sign to replace the worn and wordy one currently at the park. The new sign will require less maintenance and will allow for postings and changeable text.

Earlier this month Mayor Mike Beall personally sprayed weed killer along the park's new nature trail (in the woods, look for the pink ribbons on the trees.) He plans to run his weed-eater over it this week, weather permitting. These tasks fell to the mayor because he has the license; some have noted that we expect too much of him.


The June 17 Council meeting began at 7:30 pm, immediately following the public hearing on the budget. In attendance were council members Mike Beall (Mayor), Steve Holzman, Violet Dawe, and Steve Arnold, Town Clerk Carolyn Pritchett, and Oconee Enterprise Editor Blake Giles. With no representative of The High Shoals Messenger in attendance, the meeting lasted only one hour and much was accomplished.

HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS ON THE INTERNET is a great source of historical records concerning High Shoals. It has census reports, cemetery lists, pictures, and a town history. It hasn't been updated for ten years, so you might want to get on the site and print out what you need before it's gone. If you know who currently owns the site or if you have any background information, please contact The Messenger.


HISTORY: The High Shoals Messenger was a weekly newspaper first published in 1897 by Ed. N. Center, editor and proprietor. Subscriptions cost 30¢ for 6 months or 50¢ per year, and were mailed out from the High Shoals Post Office. This monthly, electronic newsletter is published by Fred Johnson ( and John MacKay ( © 2013 Fred Johnson and John MacKay.

ADVERTISING: The Messenger will run the business of card of any business with a Town of North High Shoals Occupational License without charge.

LETTERS TO THE EDITORS: Are welcomed if signed; anonymous submissions will be refused.

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