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Oakland Cemetery and Cyclorama 'Ramble', July 13, 2013

My grandmother Antoinette Johnson Matthews, who may have started the first private Nursery School in Georgia and taught many Jews and Gentiles alike in Druid Hills, is buried at Oakland Cemetery.
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Subject: Oakland Cemetery and Cyclorama 'Ramble', July 13, 2013

Here's information about and event you might like to participate in.
Oakland Cemetery and Cyclorama 'Ramble', July 13, 2013
General T.R.R. Cobb Camp # 97
Sons of Confederate Veterans Historical Honor Society
Saturday, July 13 will be the annual Camp #97 'Ramble' presented by the Athens Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Historical Honor Society.  This year we will visit the famed Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta.  Interested individuals and groups are cordially invited to participate.  We will leave Athens at 08:00 am (across from the Waffle House in the Kroger parking lot) and arrive at Oakland at 10:00.  One of our members, Davant Turner, will be providing a Camp group tour of the cemetery.  Mr. Turner is also inviting an additional tour-guide who is well-versed in the history of the WBTS and will provide input regarding the Cemetery and its connection with the Battle of Atlanta.  In addition to a historical presentation about the cemetery, visits will be made to a number of gravesites including Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, and others.  Certainly, a visit will be made to the Confederate Lion (a rather sad, moving, and memorable marble monument signifying the defeat of the Confederacy).  A lecturer will present the story about Friar Thomas O'Reilly saving Atlanta's five churches from Sherman's torch.  There will be a small entrance fee.
Afterwards, an own-your-own picnic lunch or a visit to a fast-food location nearby will serve as lunch. 
After lunch, our group will travel to Grant Park (located nearby) to visit the Cyclorama, a 360 degree curtain panorama painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta.  There will be a small fee for the Cyclorama entrance.
Following the visit to the Cyclorama, the ramble will be completed.  The Atlanta Zoo is nearby for anyone interested along with a number of good restaurants.
Attached is further information regarding transportation along with a map.
Camp #97 Program Committee

Lowry A. Harper, Ph.D., P.E.
P.O. Box 772 (mailing)
1231 Evans Road (courier delivery)
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Phone:  706-769-9770
Cell:  706-248-4880

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