Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Come what may to Kumquat Mae, I still love the restaurant and the Tailored Event was wonderful

Everyone who reads this blog knows I am a huge fan of the bakery/restaurant Kumquat Mae that used to be located on Barnett Shoals Road in Watkinsville but recently moved to Mitchell Bridge Road in Athens. My loyalties do not waver because of a county line or a little rain, so I was very happy to attend the Tailored Event with drinks from the Old Pal (damn that vermouth) and the National as well as Tracey Stewart of Kumquat Mae.
The evening started with a salmon paste on crackers and drinks from a very overworked bartender from the Old Pal. I stuck with the tried and true gin and tonic, which had a color I do not remember in my decades of drinking the ol' gin and tonic. But it was tasty nonetheless. We then grazed on a variety of outstanding venison, chocolate and cake, as well as roasted cauliflower, potatoes and sweet potato soup among various treats.

Condor Chocolates will be opening in Five Points soon with amazing dark chocolate desserts. I look forward to tasting more of Peter Dale's gourmet chocolate in the near future.

There were some grilled venison sausages as well as grilled and marinated venison that was extremely tasty and not too gamey for this critic's tender palate.

I look forward to future events upstairs in the special second half of the building where Kumquat Mae now resides, and yes it is worth the eight minute drive from Watkinsville any number of ways to get brunch or an almost famous nut burger in Athens.

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