Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thank the workers at the Board of Elections if you advance vote

The Oconee County Board of Elections is located in a small unremarkable cinder block building in the curve on Water Street near the Oconee County Courthouse. Today I braved the elements to be the sixth voter to cast a ballot in the Alcohol referendum with the exact verbiage:

Alcohol Referendum
(Vote for One)

"Shall the governing authority of Watkinsville be authorized to issue licenses to sell distilled spirits for beverage purposes by the drink, such sales to be for consumption only on the premises?"

I wholeheartedly endorse and otherwise urge all Watkinsville residents to vote YES on this referendum, and to do it as quickly as possible 8-5 weekdays for the next two weeks, or otherwise on Tuesday, March 17th (St. Patrick's Day).

I appreciate the many talents of the people who work in there, and their sense of humor in the face of the absurd. And if voting on the near exact same words in November 2014 and again on March 2015 is certainly absurd.
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