Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My dog got thrown in jail today (UPDATED)

I woke up rather cold this morning, and went to go flip the switch under my house for the electronic reboot of my central heat system. When the temperature goes up and down as much as it has lately, quite often the furnace does not stay light. There is your very basic on/off switch I have to trip (sometimes twice) to hear that familiar "WOOSH" that signals the return of warm air to my abode. I took my dog under the house and she started to tinkle on the plastic vapor lock barrier on top of the red Georgia clay in my basement.

Between the first and second attempts at re-igniting my pilot light, I implored my recent foster adoptee Katrina to go pee outside in the side yard, instead of on the plastic. She decided to escape and run around the neighborhood and found a couple of small dogs to scrap with instead. Evidently some lacerations were induced by my dog, and I arrived on scene immediately after the altercation to remove my pooch back to my house. I yanked Katrina swiftly back home and admonished her for escaping, unaware of the trouble that was forthcoming.

The owner of the other dogs found her second canine and took her back to her house only to discover some bite marks on her dog. She called animal control, and they called me this morning. I am totally at fault for having my dog off the leash, even at 5:30 am on a frozen morning, and Katrina can rocket like a sports car given the slightest opportunity. She did and I got to her a little late. Katrina has been remanded to the Oconee County Animal Shelter and will have to stay there for 10 days as punishment for her crime. I have learned my lesson.

UPDATE: I was given the opportunity to see her this afternoon shortly after lunch. She is being treated very humanely and quite well by Catlyn Vickers and the staff of the Oconee County Animal Shelter. She barked a very loud and stressed out recognition of "get me out of here right now." (or so it seemed). They have elevated cots. The concrete room was warmer than I expected. I will visit her again. 
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