Friday, February 12, 2016

Second visit to doggy jail: aren't three danger signs a little excessive?

So today was my second visit  to the Oconee County Animal Control location, which is south of Farmington but had a Bishop mailing address at their Ranch Road location down a one-lane dirt road. Yesterday Director Vickers introduced herself and today it was the same animal control officer with the look of slightly warmed over grits on her face, and it least she kind of smiled when I said "I did not bring enough for you" in relation to the bacon snack snatched from a DQ sandwich.

Katrina was very happy to see me today, unlike the anger and resentment barks of yesterday. When I tossed her the bacon strip inside her cage I made sure the fried pork flesh made it into the cage and lo and behold Katrina recognized this for what it was and nuzzled up against my hand and I may have actually touched her for something inside of less than half a second thus in violation of the quarantine. My only question is: WHO THE F*%K CAME UP WITH THESE RULES?

What good is being done to the dog by keeping her on a cold cement floor kennel?

How do I respond to my son when he says he misses his dog?

Is there any opportunity for early release based on good behavior and compliance with the rules?

Yes I went by Barber Creek Veterinary Medicine and got the rabies tag and required paperwork.

When I visited Katrina yesterday there were no signs on her cage. Today there were three very large and prominent DANGER signs affixed to her cage, and I am sure these have no positive reinforcement on the pit bull in question.

I still do not like the guilty until proven innocent aspect of all of this. I do not like the lack of consideration of the circumstance. I do not like the lack of appeal. I think the whole process stinks from A to Z and needs to be redone immediately.

My dog leaps like a deer. She is full of energy and passion. I am reasonably sure she is not receiving very much exercise if any in that tiny kennel. Please reconsider your decision to remove her from my house and son.

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