Friday, February 12, 2016

So don't go visit my dog in jail please (at least not without me)

Dear Mr. Matthews;

I would like to address your concerns on shelter policy, protocol, and animal vaccinations.
Oconee County requires a dog, cat or ferret, whether vaccinated or not, which has bitten a person or other domestic animal shall be confined for a period of ten (10) days following the date of the bite. A pre-paid rabies voucher, from a licensed veterinarian, must be presented at time of reclaim and the animal vaccinated within 72 hours.

According to shelter protocol, if an adoption finalization occurred at the shelter; the adopter receives the animal’s paperwork. If at PetSmart, all information pertaining to the animal is mailed to the address listed on the application. Vaccination history is listed under Medical Summary.

Animals in foster care and/or attending events are microchipped, current with distemper and rabies vaccinations and all dogs receive Bordetella. When reviewing Katrina’s medical history, all vaccinations were administered during impound July 9, 2014; adopted June 2015 and rabies expired September 2015.

After reviewing your  PetSmart Charities Adoption Release Form; Your Pet’s History, 2 paragraph, “Any questions regarding  your pet’s health should be directed to the adoption group”… and under Your Pet’s Current Health and Follow-up Health Care, last sentence in bold print, “Veterinary fees incurred (such as diagnostics, vaccinations and/or medications) are the responsibility of the pet owner.” Both sections were initialed DN; form dated June 6, 2015. (See attachment)

Part of the adoption packet includes a PetPoint Animal View Report. This document supplies all information on the animal including, but not limited to, microchip number, vaccination and treatment date and re-vaccination and re-treatment date. Katrina’s view report is 4 pages. (See attachment)

The shelter is thankful for all its adopters because they do save lives. Staff and volunteers work very hard making sure the animal stays alive. It’s a shame you may feel it’s an error saving an animal’s life due to this incident. It is evident you have feelings for Katrina, based on today’s Face Book posting on Friends of Oconee County Animal Shelter. But, when an animal is in quarantine, the public is not allowed to have access. Only the owner is permitted. Your Face Book invitation requesting friends to visit and bring treats is not allowed. As you witnessed today, as a safety precaution, an owner is not allowed to visit without a staff member.

The shelter appreciates your taking responsibly by admitting you were at fault for the incident and as difficult as it may be for your family, and especially your son, having Katrina removed from the home for a short period of time, she hasn’t been current for 5 months and for this reason, she’s at the shelter.

I am forwarding this email to the County Administrator, Jeff Benko, who will in turn forward my response to the BOC.

If you have any questions or concerns, please forward all inquiries to my email address.

Catlyn A. Vickers
Oconee County Animal Control Director

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