Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Republican 2016 primary election predictions for May 25th done May 11th

I predict that Oconee County Sheriff Scott Berry win re-election and shall defeat a very determined Kevin "Chappy" Hynes. I think the outcome will be a whole lot closer than anybody expected ,and while you cannot combine the Trey Downs vote from 4 years ago with the support for Kevin chappy Hynes is not a true political calculus equation. Trey Downs voters are not necessarily all going to vote for Hynes, but I imagine a good bit of them will.

I do think that those distinct demographics will come together to give Scott Berry a whole lot closer a race, and I do hope that Chappy Hynes does get a real job with a law enforcement organization that is full time in the next four years (and could possibly be our next Sheriff).

Sheriff races are usually won on personality. Scott Berry has a whole lot of personality and charm. Given all the obstacles and possible problems he has overcome, I cannot see Sheriff Berry losing this time around.

I do think that Penny Mills will give Mark Thomas everything he wants in the race for the Board of Commissioners, but unless every eligible female voter turns out overwhelmingly for Mills in Oconee County votes for the last name often enough and will continue to do so with Mr. Thomas, at least in the Republican Primary. 

Going incumbent chalk the rest of the local races. Cowsert in a cake walk 3 to 1 or more over Daugherty. Saxon in a squeaker over Bell. Carson keeps his job. Beaver brought up a lot of issues I was unaware of about the Middle School in particular, but Odom keeps his job as well. Prove me wrong people.

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