Thursday, May 12, 2016

Two separate wrecks, one involving 13 minor injured students, compounds Oconee Bus wrecks complications

Update: 13 students were taken to Station 8. Their families have been contacted. All of the other children went back to school.

All of the students are from RBES. The buses were on a field trip. School officials are working to contact specific parents. I left for the scene immediately after typing the message and am trying get get updated information now. I will update as I can. I will not be able to respond to specific questions.

Apparently three Oconee County school system buses were involved in two separate accidents on the same busy morning, near the last day of school. The more serious of which occurred near 316 and the Oconee Connector and two buses.

There was a different wreck involving a school bus on Malcom Bridge earlier this morning. There were four students on that bus, none were injured, and the school officials were immediately able to contact those parents. These are two completely separate incidents.
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