Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dan Matthews 1st qualifying for Watkinsville City Council 2016

Challenger Dan Matthews was first to qualifying for the Watkinsville City Council on the second day where City Clerk Julie Sanders was receiving the $72.00 fee for such a contest.

Matthews chose Post 5 again, potentially taking on Mike Link once more should he decide to run again (and all indications are that the Oconee County volunteer fire fighter who always votes no on restaurant and stores' alcohol applications, will run again for his umpteenth term on the town council).

Matthews plans to give all municipal applicants an honest consideration instead of merely opting to impose his moral viewpoint like the incumbent currently and repeatedly does to the residents and business license holders in the City of Watkinsville.

Link has never voted in the affirmative for any applicants ever for beer, wine, or liquor by the drink in the dozen-plus times he has had the opportunity to do so since former Mayor Jim Luken helped usher in the spirits era in Oconee County several years ago. He has also never formally addressed why he continues to not support or at least consider the applications of local businesses in the manner.

Matthews lives in Morgan Manor Estates subdivision with his soon-to-be 17-year-old son Lowell and their foster dog adoptee Katrina. He has run for State Legislator in 2011, losing to Chuck Williams in a run-off for the then 113th District, and also ran unsuccessfully against Watkinsville Mayor Charles Ivie and Link once before for the City Council in 2014. All these elections were nonpartisan.

He works for Attorney Eric Krasle in Athens, Georgia as an Office Manager. Matthews has been employed by Oconee County twice, once as the Assistant at the Eagle Tavern Welcome Center, and another time as a Gym Supervisor at Herman C. Michael Park. He has volunteered numerous times with various groups, including the Oconee County Recreation Department, picking up litter both in the city and the county for various causes and contests, and remains very devoted to music, sports and art in both Athens and Oconee County.  He has been a member of OCAF and various other local boards, including Historic Sites and Tourism for the Oconee County government.

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