Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jeremy Drive, Depot Street getting work

I live on Jeremy Drive and Katie Lane, and I hope the crew that resurfaces the street will do so a little more thoroughly and or carefully as when they did Katie Lane last year (two years ago?), they pretty much plowed right over manhole covers and left a noticeable ridge remaining near the curbs (not to mention a lot of asphalt debris in the nearby yards). I know we are not getting a golden road paved for all our delights, but uneven pavement however well intended can be a hazard if not properly flattened and or cured.  Thank you Mayor and Council for considering the cratering and "spider webs" on the break up of our aged street surface in Morgan Manor Estates.

And for the record, I am pro-curved mirror at numerous curved areas (Depot Street) including Third Street at Rocket Field and possibly even the elbow of Katie Lane.

Jeremy Drive, Depot Street getting work: Jeremy Drive and Depot Street will get new surfaces.
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