Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sunday sales on agenda in Watkinsville too

OK Blake, I know we all make mistakes in the hurry to get the story out, but the restaurant named Girasoles is always going to be called "Girasoles" and when given a possessive apostrophe, it would be Girasoles' or perhaps Girasoles's  Under no circumstances should it ever be referred to as "Girasole's." Same possessive apostrophe rules apply to the city of Athens (always Athens' and never ever "Athen's") or perhaps my last name of Matthews (always Matthews' or perhaps Matthews's and for me never "Matthew's"). That said, why do I think that City Council member Mike Link will vote against beer and wine Sunday sales in Watkinsville, and why do I think there will have to be a municipal referendum to follow this up despite it happening once already.

Sunday sales on agenda in Watkinsville too: Mayor Charles Ivie said that Watkinsville will take up the matter of Sunday sale of alcohol at its September meeting.
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