Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Last night's Oconee County Democratic Committee was more packed and powerful than ever

State Rep. Stacey Evans of Cobb County
I was amazed at the overflow turn out at the Oconee County Democratic Committee, but given the fact that earlier in the week I was confirmed as the winner in the very close nonpartisan Watkinsville City Council by a two vote margin that withstood UOCAVA (three overseas votes of Watkinsville residents evidently went 2 to 1 for me), and then coupled with the lingering shock from the Presidential election, spurred a crowd where we had to get chairs at least a half dozen times from a nearby closet. Thank you to everyone who voted for me, and I am honored to be the first Democrat elected in a long time in a contested race in Oconee County, Georgia, the reddest of the red counties has a blue dot on the map in the county seat of Watkinsville.

Stacey Evans addressed a large audience Sunday at the Library
45 people crammed in a conference room to hear about the amazingly frank talk from Cobb County Democratic State Representative Stacey Godfrey Evans the previous Sunday at the Oconee County Library. She was refreshing, straight-forward and inspirational to everyone in attendance at both meetings. Many of the new people who attended that event also showed up Tuesday night at the Government Annex. We thank State Rep. Stacey Evans for taking time out to drive across the state to talk to a crowded room of activists on a Sunday afternoon.

Cobb County State Representative Stacey Evans brought in a packed house.
People came from Clarke County to find out where they could meet. People of every color were present and vocal. Children were in attendance and eager to eat the cupcakes brought to celebrate our first victory in a long long while, nonpartisan and municipal as it may be. Platform committees were organized.

Margaret Holt ran a steady ship throughout the evening, and her husband Stel wanted a new slogan for the Democrats to brand themselves with forthright. I suggested "Brand New Congress" Angie Eels suggested the hashtag #DemEnter as a way to solidify the movements. The energy and excitement in the room were quite palpable and contagious to all the participants.  

Margaret let it be known that she would like to hand off the reigns of leadership to someone younger in the room sometime in the near future. Robert Wyatt read what happened at the Board of Elections meeting where they certified my results against Mark Melvin in the Post 5 Watkinsville City Council meetings. 

We also talked at length about the forthcoming December 6th run off election between Chuck Horton and Marcus Wiedower for Post 2. There was at least one voter who voted for Wiedower in the previous special election who is switching to Horton this time around.

 The consensus otherwise spoke much more in favor of Horton, and the advance voting (the last week of November) and the possible actual voting at the Board of Elections office was reported on by Horton.
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