Friday, November 18, 2016

More scenes from the recent past - Watkinsville City Council edition November 2016

 I am grateful to be joining this august body otherwise known as the Watkinsville City Council in January 2017. You are welcome to come to the swearing in ceremony 7:00 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the Watkinsville Community Center on VFW Drive (off State Route 53/Experiment Station Road) in lovely downtown Watkinsville. This will be the next to last meeting where I am on this side of the rail.
The Watkinsville City Council approved the agenda with due diligence and only one vote after an applicant left the lectern. Various beer and wine as well as distilled spirits applications were approved at the usual places with the retiring gentlemen I am replacing remaining steadfast in his opposition to vote in the affirmative for any of the applicants.  So no unanimity, but all passed after brief inquiries.

 I am looking forward to working with Watkinsville City Council members Marci Campbell, Connie Massey, and the Brian Brodrick, along with fellow new council member Christine Tucker. Suddenly the gender balance has shifted dramatically on the Watkinsville City Council. Many thanks for Mikes Huff and Link for their many terms and service to the City of Watkinsville. I also look forward to learning from Mayor Charles Ivie, City Attorney Joe Reitman, Jr. and City Clerk Julie Sanders.

 Watkinsville is where I call home. I own my house, and love my neighbors. I work hard on trying to make my subdivision safe and clean.  I am grateful in a such an amazing community, and want to be the best city council member possible. I am always amazed at how much our town has changed, and also remained the same, and look forward to new challenges on our collective horizons.
 I have a lot to learn, and a short time to learn it, so I also look forward to hearing from people who not only live in Watkinsville, but also who work, own businesses, own houses, and travel through our wonderful town.

I also really want to hear from all the local folks who voted for Mark Melvin, and want to hear from him as well. I am not sure what a two vote margin allows me in terms of a mandate to do in our town, but I would like to see more recycling bins in a smoke-free Harris Shoals park or possibly along the parade route for the impending Christmas parade.

Again, I greatly respect anyone who wants to run for office, who goes through with the actual campaigning, who knocks on doors, who reads a brochure or card, who actually votes, and who lets their opinion be known. I do believe this was the largest number of candidates locally that we have had in quite some time.

Watkinsville has changed a great deal in the relatively short time of 15 years I have lived inside the city limits.  I want to do everything I can to keep the residents safe and happy, so let me know.

I know that after I left this meeting where the various alcohol licenses were renewed and a pair of rezonings for Luke Bishop were passed, the council enacted a dog ban on Rocket Field. I do not want to put our very limited police officers in the habit of having to keep Fido off the field. Most people clean their animal's waste, but evidently one or two did not. I hope we can work with the Code Enforcement officer and perhaps Oconee County Animal Control to keep the field as clean for the football and softball kids as possible.

I do not usually let my dog Katrina run wild on Rocket Field, but I have before. I know lots of other animal owners who do walk their dogs up there. I think there are some people who conduct animal obedience lessons there. Whatever the verdict, animal owners and cigarette smokers should pick up their refuse more than they should, but I am not certain more legislation locally is going to ensure that is going to happen. I am always on the side of being clean and litter free in Watkinsville, however. So clean up your butts and what comes out of your dogs' butts too, please?

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