Friday, December 09, 2016

Grateful for the opportunity to serve you

As your narrowly elected new City Council member-elect (come 7 pm Thursday, January 19, 2017 the "-elect comes off and you are certainly invited to the swearing-in by Judge David Anglin) I am deeply humbled and grateful for the trust you have instilled in me to work for you in the City of Watkinsville.

As you may know, I have wanted to serve for a long time, and I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to serve in local elected office in our County Seat of Oconee County.

I get to be trained in Macon in late February along with my fellow new council member Christine Tucker.
Please continue to let me know if there are any issues of interest to you, your business, your family, or friends in Watkinsville. I will certainly respond no matter whether you were one of the 568 votes against me, or the 570 for voted for me, or even if you are not registered to vote or simply chose not to exercise your right this last go-round. I will not play favorites, and will try my best to respond promptly to all inquiries. Texting me is probably the quickest way - 706-372-1062.

"Now comes the hard part" was the congratulatory warning bestowed upon me by more than one person. I can certainly use your guidance and perspective about what you think the municipal goverment of the City of Watkinsville can do better to help out our residents and businesses.

I intend to listen and learn from you as much as possible between now and well beyond the end of any term I may be so privileged to serve. It is indeed an honor to serve as your City Council member. Thank you for your trust in this solemn duty.

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