Friday, May 05, 2017

Georgia insurance dept. faced $170,000 shortfall without furloughs

I think it is well past time for Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens to go back home to Madison County and selling billboards and leave the insurance decisions to the adults in the room who have a little bit of fiscal responsibility and experience. At the very least he should forfeit his annual income of $120,394.00 if he chooses not to resign. To quote from the story:

Even after laying off staffers, the state agency that regulates
the insurance industry and investigates fires was $170,000 in the hole
with two months left in fiscal 2017, which is why it is having to
furlough employees.

Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens told the AJC the budget problems were due to his agency handing out raises without having the money to do so. His chief financial officer was demoted and transferred to another state agency.

Georgia insurance dept. faced $170,000 shortfall without furloughs
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