Friday, June 02, 2017

‘Walk and Talk with a Scientist’ rescheduled for June 3 at park

‘Walk and Talk with a Scientist’ rescheduled for June 3 at park

he “Walk and Talk with a Scientist” event interrupted by a
rainstorm in April has been rescheduled for 9-11 a.m. Saturday, June 3,
at Herman C. Michael Park off Georgia Highway 53.

The event is designed to give the public an opportunity to speak with local scientists about their work.

The public can drop in anytime during the 2-hour time
span to stroll with a scientist along the trail, which is about a third
of a mile. People can pair up with a new researcher at roughly the
halfway point, continue a conversation, or walk additional laps to talk
to others.

Attendees can also simply chat in the covered pavilion in case of rain.

Among the scientists planning to attend are a chiggers
expert, botanists and geologists, a specialist in endangered species
listings, a veterinary pathologist, a chemist who specializes in farm
run-off, physicians and a growing list of others.

Elected officials have been invited and high school students are also encouraged to attend.

Although the earlier event was postponed due to weather,
several people arrived and spoke with scientists, who also arrived
despite the rain.

The Oconee Democrats organized the nonpartisan event.
“Wonder and truth-seeking are invaluable to the human experience, and we
are grateful to the scientists who work diligently to provide us with
research-based information,” Oconee Democrats chair Angie Eells said.

Another Oconee Democrat, Pat Priest, is spearheading the
event as a way “to show our support for scientists while learning about
promising new developments that might eradicate diseases, save
imperiled species, propel us into space, stave off the worst of global
climate change, and so much more.”

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